Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2019

best male enhancement pills

We selected best male enhancement pills from the well-established manufacturers.

These pills have clear formulas filled with the ingredients backed by science.

If you have been keen on male enhancement, you would surely have heard of the brand VigRX Plus.

With all the aforementioned reasons and more, there is no doubt that VigRX Plus is one of the most reliable male enhancement brands in the market today.


Male Enhancement Pills #1: VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus targets male enhancement not only through ingredients that enhance the male libido, but also by promoting proper health so you can perform better sexually and last as long as you want in bed.

Synergistic action helps increase your testosterone levels, give you stronger, harder erections, improve sexual enjoyment and promote better overall health.

VigRX Plus can also improve virility and increase semen production so you can enjoy longer, more mind blowing orgasms.

It can also help you prevent embarrassing premature ejaculations so you can please your partner in ways you never thought possible.

Since the VigRX Plus formulation is made of natural herbal extracts, all these benefits are available for you naturally, without the risk of side effects.


#2 Male Extra

penis pillsThe product works by making a man’s body synthesize and release more nitric oxide into the blood.

Increased nitric oxide production contributes to the dilation of penile blood vessels, which means that more blood flows to your penis.

If the penis is filled with more blood than usual, the blood brings more oxygen and nutrients to it.

As a result, you will be able to attain and sustain harder and long-lasting erections.

Taking Male Extra male enhancement pills helps boost libido, improves overall well-being, and overcomes emotional instability in men.


#3 ProSolution

ProSolution is another innovative product intended for male enhancement.

ProSolution male enhancement pills are doctor-approved and medically certified so you can take it on a regular basis.

There are many independent reviews online which all seem to agree on the effectiveness of this male enhancement pill, with a few sites regarding it as the #1 penis pill in the market today.

A month supply of ProSolution male enhancement pills costs only $69.95, which makes them one of the most affordable enhancement pills in the market today.

Ordering higher amounts entitles you to further discounts, along with freebies, such as a penis extender tool and access to a free penis enlargement exercise program.

Your purchase is also covered by an impressive 67-day risk free guarantee.



Why Male Extra?

Male Extra male enhancement pills have indeed paved its way through the market with their highly effective formulation that is seen based on their performance. This is actually geared towards men who have erectile dysfunction and libido issues. While their claims are accurate so to speak, it is quite unwise to expect results overnight. For a long-term use, here are the benefits you will gain:

  • Increased sex drive

  • Enhanced sexual stimulation

  • Increased blood supply to the ejaculatory chambers of the penis
Increased levels of androgenic hormones

  • Effective aphrodisiacs to increase libido
Enhance the sexual stamina

Male Extra was created through the efforts of its company with the assistance of a urologist, pharmacist, general practitioner, and a well-renowned formulation expert.

What are the ingredients of Male Extra?

The efficacy of this male enhancement pill is because of its all-natural composition that equally increases your sex drive while allowing you to sustain a hard erection each time in a natural way. The ingredients are made up of herbal extracts that are most often found in male enhancement pills such as L-arginine, Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid, Cordyceps, MSM, and L-Methionine.

What are the side effects of Male Extra?

Well, the unique selling proposition in Male Extra is probably the lack of nasty side effects.


Can Male Enhancement Pills Be Helpful?

There is scientific confirmation of the fact that the male enhancement pills from the well-established manufacturers are made of the active substances which have a high potential to reset sexual capabilities in men.

When choosing such supplements, you have to be sure that they really don’t include any artificial and/or low quality ingredients which can have an unexpected and unpleasant influence on your body. The natural compounds contained in the product formula have to be backed with the results of precise researches.

Also, you should try to find as many customer reviews about the pill you are going to take as possible. And it would be great if your healthcare provider could advise you some truly reliable male enhancement pills of natural origin.

If the supplement you pick meets the mentioned criteria, the supplementation may promise quite satisfactory results which you will experience in the absolutely natural way.

Why Natural Male Enhancement Pills Outstrip Prescription Medications

Regardless of whether you select the non-artificial male enhancement pills or prescription medications, you use them for the achievement of the common goal. That is, you want to tackle some disturbing issues in your sex life. But taking the natural equivalents of prescription medications, you should know that they in many ways are not inferior to the synthetic drugs for sexual potency and in many cases even outmatch the latter ones.

Of course, the natural remedies give ground to the synthetic drugs when it comes to the promptness of effects. In particular, the drugs prescribed by the doctors only restore the men’s ability to attain an erection with the firmness enough to fully complete a sexual encounter. But actually, the effects of such medications are limited only with the maintenance of an erection on request.
However, the non-artificial male enhancement pills work differently. They naturally repair erectile function in men. And hence, these pills finally help the men not only regain the ability to have a desirable erection, but also improve the overall sexual health. Under the influence of natural supplement, the body functions are fixed by themselves, due to the activation of internal body resources responsible for your sexual activity. As a result, you can count on the long term improvement of sexual potency without the use of any harmful synthetic medications.

In addition, the top-notch male enhancement pills really outmatch the artificial pills because the first ones revive sexual appetite and arousal, brighten orgasms, enhance stamina and endurance, lift energy levels, make sperm parameters better, increase sexual satisfaction, and improve self-esteem.

Male Enhancement Pills and Nitric Oxide Elevation

The naturally acting male enhancement pills have an excellent potential to stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide which is extremely important for the male masculinity.

Nitric oxide is a chemical substance that occurs in the man’s body in the natural way and performs the function of circulatory system regulator and sexual potency activator. The molecules of this substance powerfully widen the blood vessels throughout the entire body.

The same happens with the blood vessels located in the manhood. And when you are getting sexually aroused, the levels of nitric oxide in your blood sharply upsurge. The greater concentration of this chemical compound the harder and longer lasting erections you may experience. That’s why it can be said without prejudice that nitric oxide has a straightforward impact on the degree of your satisfaction with your erectile function.

Those men taking care about own health usually have proper levels of nitric oxide and therefore don’t have problems with attaining and sustaining impressive erections. However, when nitric oxide levels fall, the erectile function impairs. And this is where male enhancement pills of natural origin may lend a helping hand and change the situation naturally.

The natural supplements urge the body to produce the increased amount of nitric oxide and compensate for the lack of this compound. Since blood vessels start dilating much more intensely, a much higher amount of blood is encouraged to fill the penis. This leads to the occurrence of solid erections. By the way, in this case you will not only enjoy better erections, but also strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Male Enhancement Pills and Testosterone Synthesis

When taking the high-quality male enhancement pills, you can expect the restoration of your male hormonal balance because this is one of the advantages of natural supplementation. And this is one more reason which makes men choose these natural remedies.

There is no wonder that testosterone is a hormone on which the functioning of the man’s body depends. Sexual potency is especially sensitive to the influence of testosterone. Virile strength and bedroom capabilities suffer first of all if testosterone levels in men drop.

Many male enhancement pills comprised of natural ingredients activate the body’s ability to secret testosterone without the participation of synthetic ingredients in this process. If you are afraid that these pills may destroy your own testosterone balance, you shouldn’t because the supplements don’t deliver artificial testosterone to the man’s body. But the body synthesizes this hormone on its own due to the action of natural active substances.

That’s why the elevation of testosterone levels during the supplementation with male enhancement pills results in the wide spectrum of advantages:

  • Increase in sexual desire
  • Enhancement of endurance and stamina
  • Elevation of virility
  • Improvement of sperm characteristics
  • Upsurge of energy levels
  • Possibility to avoid mood swings
  • Satisfactory sexual performance
  • Reset of brain power and cognitive function

So, naturally recharged testosterone production will be the additional bonus of supplementation.

Advantages of Male Enhancement Pills

Nowadays, a diversity of male enhancement pills offers the men multiple opportunities to target all the aspects of their sex life in order to make sexual activity not only possible in principle, but also mutually satisfactory. Of course, some men still give preference to artificial prescription drugs which give desirable effects almost in the snap of a finger. But the other men consider that the advantages of the natural supplements intended for the enhancement of male potency outweigh the advantages provided by the prescription medications. So, let’s look through the benefits of non-artificial male enhancement pills.

  • Restoration of Erectile Function: The majority of men choose male enhancers because they have troubles with attaining and sustaining an adequate erection. Under the influence of such natural supplements, nitric oxide supply to the manhood grows, making your member blood vessels relax and absorb more blood. These processes happen naturally. And finally you may partly or completely regain your erectile function depending on what exactly caused your intimate problem.
  • Manhood Size Increase: Due to the increased delivery of nitric oxide to the penis and dilation of blood vessels located there, the amount of blood able to fill the manhood exceeds the typical amount of blood that may reach there without the supplementation. As a result, the erect manhood measurements enlarge, giving you a bigger and more impressive erection, as well as mutually brighter sensations during a sexual encounter.
  • Improvement of Sex Life: The top-notch male enhancement pills are able to bring your sex life to the level which you even couldn’t expect. The matter is that such pills are meant to improve different aspects of your sexuality in the natural way. Thus, with the help of enhancing supplements, you can prolong your erections, revive sex drive, boost sexual stamina and endurance, and give a new breath to bedroom performance.
  • Control over Ejaculation: The manufacturers of many highly innovative male enhancement pills took care of the important aspect of male sexual function such as ejaculation control. The ingredients available in these pills aid in solving the problem of premature ejaculation which may completely spoil sexual pleasure. As a result, it will be you who regulates your ejaculation, not vice versa.
  • Enhancement of Overall Health: Natural remedies which are aimed at repairing sexual function in men not only improve the erection quality and size, but also have a positive impact on energy release in the body, prevent mood swings, normalize the functioning of circulatory system, and enhance wellbeing. That is, such supplements make your overall health better.
  • Naturalness: The natural origin of male enhancement pills is what first of all attracts the increasing number of the users of such products. These remedies are comprised of non-artificial components only. The reliable manufacturers check safety and efficacy of these ingredients by ordering the studies of their products’ formulas.
  • Absence of Adverse Reactions: As opposed to the prescription medications, the natural male boosting products don’t put you in jeopardy of experiencing unsafe adverse reactions. The likelihood of any side effects is extremely low because there are only natural ingredients in the formulas of male enhancement pills.

Disadvantages of Male Enhancement Pills

Despite of the abundance of undeniable advantages, the male enhancement pills yet may have some disadvantages such as:

  • No Permanent Results: The intake of penis pills leads to the increase in the measurements of erect member, as well as to strong and longer lasting erections due to the intensification of nitric oxide synthesis and better blood circulation. But you can’t count on the preservation of these results because they disappear as soon as you cease your supplementation. If you are searching the permanency of the results, you should consider the other methods.
  • No Instant Effects: The male enhancement pills are non-synthetic by their nature because they are imbued with the natural compounds only. These compounds act surely but slowly. They gradually tackle your intimate issues. That’s why these supplements can’t provide lightning-like effects. If you expect such effects, you should choose the prescription synthetic drugs.
  • Lack of Efficacy Proof: There are the well-established manufacturers of male enhancers which exert every effort to scientifically prove the beneficial influence of their products on the male sexual health. However, there are also many dishonest manufacturers which don’t wish to take the trouble of researching their pill formulas. Such pills can be useless and even dangerous. That’s why you should keep alert when choosing the manhood supplements.

How Long to Take Male Enhancement Pills?

If you aspire to experience all benefits which the male enhancement pills can provide, you should uninterruptedly take the supplement for several months. Thus, the duration of supplementation period is usually from 3 to 6 months.
This is explained by the natural origin of the ingredients which are included to the formulas of such supplements. These ingredients don’t start working the day you firstly take them. A couple of weeks should pass before you notice the first signs of the positive changes since till that time the natural ingredients accumulate in your body and start performing their functions.
It means the longer you use the natural pills the better gains you get.

Is It Worth Trying Male Enhancement Pills?

The all-natural male enhancement pills serve as a natural alternative to the aggressively-acting synthetic prescription medications. They are completely harmless and their intake doesn’t provoke the emergence of adverse reactions. Since you don’t take any risk and at the same time can restore your sexual activity, you should give a chance to these remedies.

Consult Your Doctor

If you have an intention to use any male enhancement pills, you have to firstly ask for the healthcare provider’s expert opinion. The doctor can recommend you really well-working legal supplements. In addition, the doctor will consider your past medical history before advising male enhancement pills.

You may think that you will only waste time trying to find a trustworthy doctor and visiting him or her. But in such a way, you will protect your health and life against undesirable and dangerous consequences of taking unknown or doubtful pills.

How Do male enhancement pills Work

male enhancement pills have become the real helpers of men who are not satisfied with their manhood size but don’t wish to use powerful synthetic drugs or undergo surgery.

These pills owe their high efficacy to the strong natural action of nitric oxide the production of which is stimulated by the ingredients available in the penis enlargers.

Nitric oxide is a very important molecule irreplaceable for a wide range of processes in the man’s body. And the blood vessel expansion in the penis is not an exception. The effect which the male enhancement pills provide resembles the effect of the NO products used by the bodybuilders, sportsmen, and all men who aspire to increase muscle pump in a safe and natural way.

Extra muscle pump is possible because NO makes more blood to flow into the muscles. Hence, muscle size enlarges. Such effects of the NO boosters help sportsmen effectively achieve their fitness goals.

The manufacturers used this property of the NO products for muscle pumping to create highly potent natural penis pills.

The male enhancement pills which contain NO boosting ingredients act by relaxing cavernous smooth muscles in the penis. The man is able to get an erection only in response to the relaxation of these muscles. The matter is that during muscle relaxation the blood vessels available in the penis dilate.

Increased blood delivery to the penis means much better oxygen and nutrient supply. As a result, the penis becomes much bigger in the erected state.

In addition to the enlarged penis measurements, the NO boosting manhood pills promote a much firmer and fuller erection which lasts as long as you need for a successful completion of sexual intercourse. The prolonged and hardened erection will help you forget about the lack of bedroom confidence.

High NO levels not only improve erectile function, increase penis size, and revive sex life, but also strengthen cardiovascular system and enhance overall health. So, the more NO your body gets, the better heart and vessels work and hence the more satisfactory your sexual health is.

By the way, Viagra and other ED medications also rely on the NO pathway. But on the contrary to these medications, the natural penis enlargers work mildly and don’t cause side effects.

penis growth

Major Ingredients in male enhancement pills

The efficacy of male enhancement pills depends on the ingredients available in their formulas. These pills actually don’t contain artificial ingredients. On the contrary, they are comprised of natural components which act safely and mildly but strongly enough to positively influence both male sexual potency and manhood measurements.

The penis pills contain the following top-notch, reliable ingredients of natural origin:

Epimedium Leaf Extract

A very long period of use which exceeds 1.5 thousand years has proven that the traditional medicine relied on the healing properties of Epimedium leaves not in vain. Thus, the men who had the problems with the reproductive system have cured the intimate disorders by applying this leaves from the ancient times.
The plant targets the impaired erectile function and poor libido. The latest researches gave an answer to the question of how this ingredient works. Thus, it lowers cortisol concentration in blood. When the levels of stress hormone plummet, libido improves and bodily energy production activates. The optimization of testosterone synthesis also takes place.

Ginkgo Biloba

This plant belongs to the ingredients most commonly included to the non-synthetic male enhancement pills. The traditional herbal healers have long recommended their patients to use the plant for curing impotence-related issues.
Since the ingredient has a strong impact on microcirculation in genitals, it ensures the occurrence of solid erections. Erect penis size also substantially increases. In addition, ginkgo biloba works by impressively enhancing the manhood sensitivity and hence intensifying pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Asian Red Ginseng

The scientists have already conducted many studies confirming the high efficacy of this herb when it comes to the men’s sexual health and bedroom satisfaction.
Initially, when the healers have just discovered the wonderful properties of Asian red ginseng, the use of the herb was mainly targeted on the improvement of male fertility. Thus, during modern researches, it was found out that the plant promotes better sperm synthesis, as well as normalizes testosterone production in the man’s body. The plant is also a libido stimulant. By the way, the libido-boosting potential of ginseng was known many centuries ago. In addition, the ingredient makes sexual activity much more frequent, contributes to the growth of virility and stamina, and increases manhood measurements.

Mucuna Pruriens

This plant won popularity for a high content of levodopa. This is an organic compound which the body uses for synthesizing dopamine. The increase in dopamine levels leads to the mood enhancement and
the elimination of depression. Sexual potency in men also grows.
The scientists provided a proof that this plant is able to effectively solve the problem of early ejaculations. It also prolongs erections making them enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Moreover, this herb helps the men regain sexual strength and virility between sexual intercourses, as well as gives a boost to sex drive in men.

Tribulus Terrestris

The manufacturers often add this plant to the most potent male enhancement pills since this ingredient established itself as an effective male enhancer. It’s famous for the aphrodisiac properties. Originally, this plant was found and used in China for stimulating sexual desire in men.
The plant has a positive impact on testosterone production. Due to this, it’s very helpful to the men who aspire to develop a new big muscle mass.
In addition, the ingredient revives sexual stamina and endurance, as well as increases energy production in the man’s body. But the most desirable effect of this herb is the substantial enlargement of penis measurements in the erect state.



Bill Davidson, Nutritionist, bloger, writer. He has researched diffrent male enhancement supplements and penis enlargement devices. His choice is VigRX Plus male enhancement pills. He recommends the pills to anyone who wants to enjoy sex more.