Bathmate Series Review (UPDATE: 2019, May)

By Robert Dreyfuss

bathmate series penis pumpOverview | How It Works | Why to Choose | Safety | Bottom Line

1. Overview

The Bathmate Series offers the highly innovative hydro penis pumps which have won the run for the leadership position in the penis enlargement industry and have been successfully taking it since 2006.

Since the time the new product was introduced to the market, the men from over 70 countries have purchased more than a million devices.

Let’s consider the features of the Bathmate Hercules which is an excellent option for the beginners.
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2. The First Water-Based Pump

Hydro7 was invented and firstly appeared on sale in 2006 and was known as the Bathmate Hercules.

Since that time, the device firmly established itself as one of undisputable leaders in its realm. That’s because at that time it was the very first water powered penis pump in the world.

That was a revolutionary solution to the penis expansion issue.

It used to be a true godsend for a huge number of men. Since the device launch, more than 1 million men throughout the globe have already appreciated the advantages which the hydropump can offer.

Though for the years of this pump existence the manufacturer developed many new hydropumps, such as exclusive, highly effective Hydromax series, which ensure much more impressive gains, Hydro7 still remains a worthy water-based option.

And many loyal customers trust and still prefer this time proved device.
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3. Whom It Is Meant For

This safe and reliable penis pump is an excellent choice for men who only think of starting penis pump sessions.

The beginners will be pleased with gentle tension which Hydro7 can exert to make penis enlarge in both length and circumference, as well as to improve erection solidity and duration.

Also, this pump is intended for men whose manhood length in the erect state is equal to 5-7 inches. If your penis is longer, the manufacturer recommends considering its other top-notch devices.

4. How It Works

Since the Bathmate is a hydro pump, air is replaced with water in this device. It actually works by using water for generating a vacuum around the penis.

When water is pumped out of the device where the penis is placed, gentle but sufficient pressure is generated.

Due to this pressure, much more blood is encouraged to the erectile chambers in the penis. And the penile shaft enlarges to the greatest extent. This process is extremely effective since the penile tissues are very elastic and have a high potential to expand.

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5. Why to Choose Bathmate Series

The Bathmate is a branded product made by the manufacturer with a flawless reputation. You will avoid many safety-related issues if you choose this highly reliable and thoroughly tested penis pump.

The use of the latest technologies and the best materials enabled this pump to outstrip numerous competitors.

Also, if you have only decided to start the pumping sessions, then you will not find the better option than this device. It was created to serve exactly as the very first penis pump the man tries in his life.

In addition, Hydro7 has become the most affordable penis pump among the similar top-notch pumps.
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6. What Bathmate Series Offers You

Due to the action of this device, both penile lengthening and thickening are now accessible for you.

This pump is actually intended for the men with approximately 7 inch penile length.

After the end of pumping sessions with the use of Bathmate Hercules, the maximum penile length may reach 8.5 inches, while the maximum penile girth will be 6.7 inches.
The Bathmate Series was developed not only for the increase in penis size.

It’s also an effective method to tackle the issue of impaired erectile function in a non-surgical way. The erection will occur much faster and when you need it. The erection hardness will also please you.

7. Safety Aspect

The Bathmate was the first device to implement a revolutionary idea of using water instead of air. And this has become a breakthrough in the safety of penis pumps. Thus, water made the use of penis pumps much safer.

And the percentage of penile injuries substantially dropped, comparing to the air pumps. But still you shouldn’t forget about the necessity to adhere to all the user instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The use of skin-safe and medically graded materials without dangerous phthalate enabled the manufacturer to minimize the likelihood of any skin reactions and other negative consequences.

Dermatological tests gave proof that the penis pump really features a high level of safety.

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8. When to Expect the Results

The time needed for getting the results depends on the purpose for which you use the Bathmate Series device. Thus, if you need a strong erection for a satisfying sexual intercourse, you will get it almost instantly. That is, it will occur as soon as you take the device off.

However, if your target is penis enlargement, it will require more time. 2 weeks are enough to see the increase in penis circumference.

Secondly, the penis length will also increase. This is subject to the erect penis size. But later, the flaccid penis will also enlarge

You will need 1-3 months to experience the penis length growth by 0.5 inch (1-2 cm).

And these results will be permanent.

15 minutes per day 3-4 times per week will give you an opportunity to meet your penis enlargement goal.


9. Money Back Guarantee

Hydro7 is a highly potent pump able to meet all the users’ demands in the most appropriate way.

But still the manufacturer also cares about the customers who may be dissatisfied with the pump action. For these customers, a favorable money back guarantee valid for 60 days is offered.

So, if after Bathmate use you think that the gains you get don’t fully meet your needs, you can just ask the manufacturer to send your money back without any explanations.

The refund period length is enough to appraise all the benefits which the device can provide.

Anyway, your money is under protection. And you will not lose it if something goes wrong.
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10. The Bottom Line

The Bathmate Series is a perfect starter pump intended for both penis enlargement and erectile function improvement which perfectly works in both bath and shower.

Due to a reasonable price for this hydro pump, each man can afford it to understand whether pumping really suits him or not.

This high-quality original device will definitely help you cope with the symptoms of impaired erectile function, as well as increase your penis length and circumference.

This original penis pump uses the tender power of water to elongate and thicken your penis, as well as make your erections fuller and longer lasting.

All these effects occur absolutely safely.

Also, the manufacturer used a certified skin-safe technology since safety and health of the customers is the priority for the company.

Thus, the manufacturer applies carefully chosen phthalate free, medical grade materials to produce this cutting-edge device.

In addition, Bathmate was dermatologically tested by Aspen Clinical Research which is the internationally famous clinic.

That’s why you can be completely sure that the pump will not harm your delicate skin in the intimate area and hence will not cause any unpleasant complications and adverse reactions.

Also, the business behind Bathmate is so confident in the formula that they’re offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a good sign.

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