Best Penis Extenders of 2019

best penis extenders

Study Findings

According to the study conducted in 2002, the long-lasting daily extending sessions with the help of penis extender enabled the male study subjects to substantially elongate their manhood.

The study period lasted for 4 months. The men practiced member stretching for 6 hours on a daily basis.

The lengthening results varied from 1.8 to 3.1 cm.

The study carried out in 2011 indicated that the penis extender use, the duration of which was 9 hours per day within the period of 3 months, helped the male participants lengthen the manhood by an inch.

Another study, the results of which were offered to the public in 2013, determined that the manhood stretching devices showed maximum efficacy when relieving the symptoms of penis curvature and deformation.

When to Expect the Gains

The penis extension gains are different in different men. That’s because the men use a traction device not in the same way and devote not the same time to lengthening sessions.

To achieve great traction results, the user must wear the extender and do manhood stretching exercises every day.

The period of device use should last for several months without interruptions to really increase the penis size.

Safety Issues

If you are not satisfied with your manhood dimensions and want to try a special penis extender in order to change the situation, you should first of all consult a healthcare practitioner.

The medical expert will advise you the most suitable lengthening option.

In case of feeling any kind of pain and discomfort during traction sessions, you have to instantly request medical assistance.

Also, visit a doctor without delay if your erections worsen after the use of a stretching device.

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Penis Extender #1: SizeGenetics

best penis stretcher

SizeGenetics is a world-recognized undisputed leader among the first-class penis enlargement systems which you can now find on the market.

  • Painless non-invasive mechanism of action
  • 100% effectiveness
  • Top-class comfort system
  • Clinically proven safety
  • Considerable length and girth gains
  • Improvement of sexual performance
  • Possibility to have strong, forceful masculinity
  • Substantial increase in self-esteem

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Dr. Robert Stampley
By regularly using this device for 6 months, it’s possible to enlarge the penis by minimum 1.5 inches. The increase in both flaccid and erect penis size is permanent.

SizeGenetics helps men realize their dream of being really a virile man. Using this penis extender, you will definitely achieve mutual bedroom satisfaction and sexual happiness.


#2: Jes-Extender

The Jes-Extender belongs to the very first, classic penis extenders which enable men to effectively increase the manhood size with the help of a science-backed, reliable traction method.

This penis enlargement system was launched to the market in 1995. For more than 20 years, half a million customers have already experience the positive effects of penile extension.

This device is developed and produced in Denmark.

That’s why the extender is made according to the highest quality standards from the top-grade non-allergenic materials which guarantee the complete user safety and substantial penis growth in both length and thickness.

In 2011, the British Journal of Urology International gave to the public the study results, proving the high potential of the extender to enlarge the manhood.

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#3: MaleEdge

The MaleEdge is an exclusive extender with the highly innovative features, which helps men get the desired penis size in quite a short period of time without any invasive surgical procedures.

It also gives a boost to the men’s sexual health since enhances the blood circulation in genitals and therefore improves the erectile function.

The second generation technology which laid the foundation of the now-existing MaleEdge technology got a patent and was introduced to the public in 2008.

The device is created in Denmark.

So, you can be certain of the product reliability and efficacy.

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Is It Science-Backed?

The application of penis extenders has a scientific support. The well-reputed scientists carried out a few studies to confirm the efficacy of penis stretchers.

The urologists from the University of Turin have concluded that the non-invasive extenders have a positive effect on the penis size. Thus, it was found out that the penis stretching can lead to the average increase in the flaccid penis length by 0.5-1 inch. This result was achieved after 3 months of daily several hour use of the device. The findings of this study were given to the world by the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

In many cases, the doctors recommend their patients to use the stretching devices in addition to pharmaceutical treatment.

Main Principle of Action

The principle that makes the use of penis stretcher possible implies the possibility of our body as a whole and its separate parts to get adjusted to traction force. Such devices actually function by applying continuous and measurable traction force to the body of penis. Under the influence of this force, the division and multiplication of cells occurs. Since the number of penile cells grows in a natural way, the penis becomes longer and thicker. This is how all penis stretchers work.

penis extender

Quality Aspect

If you are going to purchase a penis enlargement device, it’s not a time to tighten the purse strings. The quality aspect is crucial when it comes to the choice of penis extender. The top manufacturers of such devices produce different options to fully satisfy all your quality demands.

  • Appropriate materials. Only medical grade materials, components, and coating can be used for making stretchers to make sure they serve you for the time you require. Corrosion is inacceptable for such a device.
  • No Rash. Rash also shouldn’t appear on the penis after its contact with the device. Skin irritation indicates that you deal with a low-quality stretcher. It’s not recommended to use such stretchers.
  • Price. Low-price, generic stretchers can’t serve enough to fully finish enlargement sessions and get the desirable results. You will finally spend money again to change the device.
  • All-size fit. The best original stretchers perfectly fit the penises, the length of which varies from 3 to 9 inches. This is possible due to the availability of top-notch adjustment systems. But the generic devices of poor quality can’t boast of the large number of accessories. That’s why it will be much more difficult or even impossible to achieve your goals.
  • Adaptability of Tension Force. The high-quality extender can exert excellently adjustable stretching force. It’s always possible to choose suitable tension. Cheap extenders don’t ensure trouble-free pulling force adjustment.

Penis Extender Advantages

It’s possible to distinguish the following advantages of the penis elongating devices:

  • Clinical evidence. Since the studies and authoritative opinions of different scientists have confirmed the possibility of the penis size increase without any surgeries, the stretchers are considered the safe and effective devices.
  • Alternative for surgery. Using the extender, it’s possible to avoid painful surgical procedures which scare all the men.
  • Permanence of results. Under the influence of traction force, cell hyperplasia starts. It’s the name of cell division, meaning that the number of penile tissue cells increases. Consequently, the penis also grows permanently. It refers to both length and thickness.
  • Comfort. Today, it’s easy to find the top-notch extenders which feature the high level of comfort. The success of enlargement process fully depends on this. If it’s comfortable to wear the stretcher, you will be able to use it long enough for the required elongation.
  • Penis Curvature Correction. Some degree of penis curvature puts many men to trouble, not allowing them to have a satisfying sex. But the stretchers from the trustworthy manufacturers help tackle this issue after the long-term regular use. Some most top-rated devices are even known for their ability to cure Peyronie’s Disease.



What to Expect

When the men start using the stretching devices, the reality very often doesn’t coincide with expectations. That’s because the men set unrealistic demands; that is, they want the results immediately. But it’s a mistaken approach.

If the considerable penis enlargement is what you are striving for, be ready to use the device every day for at least half a year. It’s actually necessary to daily devote several hours to penis stretching to experience the expected penis size. The results will be even greater if you use the extender for a year.

It means that dedication and patience are irreplaceable if you want to reach your goals. And if you see before and after photos on the Internet, don’t think that it’s a result of a few days.

Also, to reach the desired elongation without any injuries, you shouldn’t forget about the safety instructions, which the manufacturer gives. If you overdo, you will only do yourself a disservice.

Penis Extender Use: Ensure High Safety and Efficacy

To use the penis extender, it’s necessary to take the following steps:

  • Put your penis into the base part of the extender.
  • Using your hands, direct the head of penis into the carrier and fasten it with a silicone noose or comfort foam pad. There are the penis extenders which come with exclusive comfort systems, preventing any discomfort.
  • The corona should stick out from the cradle to ensure that the device holds the penis properly, and it will not slip off. But be careful in order not to overdo with tightness.
  • Change the degree of traction, using traction control tools. Set the intensity and force level till you feel fully comfortable. The novices should apply a low force and increase the amount of traction bit by bit.
  • Replace the extension rod with an extra rod if the initially available rod doesn’t suit your penis size or shape. The device packages usually contain extra extension rods. If not, purchase it separately.



Tips to Remember When Applying Extender

Thought-Out Stretching Sessions

If you really want to succeed in penis enlargement, you have to develop a reasonable penis stretching routine and adhere to it. But it will be even better if you use the easy-to-follow routine provided by the manufacturer of the penis stretcher you choose.

It’s a mistake to believe that it’s enough to exceed the daily duration of the device use in order to better elongate penis. But instead of desirable result, you take a risk of pain and injury.

If you are a beginner, the duration of stretching shouldn’t exceed 4 hours. When you become the experienced user, the enlargement sessions can last 6 hours. There should be a few sessions per day, with 1-2 hour break between them.

Penis stretching should never be accompanied with pain. In this case, pain gives a signal that something went wrong when using the extender. If this happens, you should instantly remove the stretcher. Don’t have enlargement sessions several days after this.

Uncircumcised Penis

Though it firstly seems easy, you may get confused with the question of how to place your penis into extender if the penis is not circumcised. It’s actually possible to either gently pull the foreskin back or drag it forward. You can choose the option most comfortable for you. The latest stretchers with the most innovative design guarantee perfect grip and tension to all men with uncircumcised penis.

Flaccid Penis

You have to make sure that during the lengthening session your penis is fully flaccid. If you place the erect penis into the extender, the penis will slide out as soon as it becomes non-erect. Also, it’s impossible to increase the penis length and thickness when the penis is erect. So, in this case, the use of device is helpless.

Shave Your Pubes

To prevent any pain during the enlargement sessions, it’s better to shave pubic hair before you start applying the device. If you don’t want to do this, be ready that the pubic hair may get caught in particular parts of the device.

Adequate Traction Force

If you set traction force too high, it doesn’t mean that your penis will faster become longer and thicker. Inadequate traction force is a cause of many injuries and pain.

It’s very important to get the right amount of traction force, especially for the beginners. If you belong to them, keep force low firstly. The gradual increase in traction tension is required. Adjust it until you set the maximum force.

High Devotion

Any extender will not elongate your penis immediately. Don’t even expect this because the methods for instant penis enlargement don’t exist. Only the regular device use is a proven way to get the penis size you wish.

Patience and dedication to your goals will help you enjoy the results you are striving for in the long-term. Several months of regular stretching sessions which should effortlessly fit into your daily schedule will please you with amazing gains.

Relevant Information

If you are going to enlarge penis with a certain stretcher, it’s crucial to find as comprehensive information on how to use the device as possible.

For this purpose, it’s necessary to read the official user manual on the manufacturer’s website. The fullest information on the particular extender which you can distill from text or video user instruction will enables you to increase the penis size safely and effectively.

Take a Break

It’s recommended to have a rest from enlargement sessions once a week. This period is essential for the prevention of penis tissue damage. And if you yet have some penile injury, you will need even several days for healing.

Add Male Enhancement Products

In some cases, the doctor may advise you to complement the application of penis stretcher with the intake of top-notch male enhancement pills. Such approach may enhance the penis growth effects in a natural way. And you will reach the desirable size much faster.

Pay Attention to Pinch Points

Pinch points require your close attention when you are trying to put on the stretcher.
Purchasing the penis stretching device, you will deal either with comfort strap fastener or silicone noose fastener. You should prevent pinching at the place where the fastener passes through the slot.

Putting on the stretcher may become a challenging task for the beginners. But in the course of time, you will learn how to use fasteners without any difficulties.

No Urination

When you use the penis enlargement, your penis is stretched, while the urethra is cramped. Since cramping occurs along the body of penis, urinating becomes very uncomfortable. And often, it’s even impossible to urinate. If you need to urinate, you can do this only if you put the extender off or at least unfasten it.

Don’t Wear Tight-Fitting Clothing

The penis stretchers are developed in a way, allowing men to use these devices outside home without any problems. The extender is not visible under the clothing. But you should make sure that you don’t wear the tight-fitting clothing. This clothing impedes the functioning of device. In this case, the loose-fitting clothing is a great solution to this problem.

How to Cope with Slippage

During the use of extender, the penis may slip out from the device. You shouldn’t worry since it’s a widespread issue. There are some recommendations which will help you prevent slippage:

  • It’s better to choose the stretcher with a silicone noose. It will ensure a high level of comfort, especially when applied with the anti-bacterial memory foam pads or rubber pads.
  • Place a pad so that it could hold the penis just underneath its head. After this, fix the fastener which your extender has. The device should cling to the body. But don’t overdo. In such a way, the penis will not slip out from the extender.
  • If your penis is quite thin and has a small head, it may be difficult for you to deal with slippage. But it’s still possible. For this purpose, it’s advisable to select the device with a noose that features a non-slip protection sheet. It would be even better if the protection plaster is used. Also, you can adjust the extender sleeve diameter.

Is There Penis Extender Pain?

The main thing you should know about the branded penis enlargement systems is that they don’t cause pain. The first-class stretcher has to increase your penis size without any pain.
If you feel pain when utilizing your extender, it may mean that you have a poor quality device. But most often, it means that you use it improperly.
To avoid any painful experience, you should:

  • Choose a comfortable position for your penis.
  • Adjust the tension rods to a necessary length.
  • Don’t fix the fasteners too tight.
  • Don’t set on traction force too high.

If you yet faced the pain issue, take a break from the enlargement sessions for at least a couple of days. After the break, don’t use the device for a long time firstly and select the low tension.

Beginners’ Most Widespread Problems

The novices often make unfortunate mistakes which lead to the problems, reducing the extender’s efficacy and harming the men’s health. These problems occur because of:

Disregard of User Manual

Some men are eager to start penis enlargement sessions promptly. That’s why they ignore user manual. But it’s not the right approach. If you are a beginner, you have to obligatorily get acquainted with the user instructions, which will teach you to successfully use the device. In such a way, you will protect yourself from dissatisfaction.

Worn-Out Devices

It’s inadmissible to use the worn-out stretchers since in this case the health risks increase. And it’s especially dangerous if you use such a device improperly. Safety aspect should be your priority. So, never use the worn-out extenders.

Night Use

It’s not advisable to use the stretcher at night since the risk of accidental injury is very high. This can happen because the device may become enmeshed in the blanket. Daytime is the best time for the enlargement sessions.


Inappropriate Use

If you don’t follow the user instructions, you will harm your health, especially the men’s one. Don’t think that you know better what to do with the stretcher. The extenders were thoroughly researched and tested before launching them to the market. So, you have to trust the user guide. Otherwise, you will face the following adverse effects:

  • Allergy
  • Discomfort
  • Pain in the penis
  • Penis skin irritation, especially around the head of penis
  • Penile blood vessel damage
  • Penile nerve damage
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Penile tissue damage
  • Impairment of erectile function
  • Premature ejaculation

Are There Methods Which Can Enhance Efficacy of Extender Sessions?

You shouldn’t take any additional measures except of extender sessions in order to achieve the desired penis length and thickness. After the application of stretcher, you are guaranteed to have the penis lengthening gains that will not disappear. If you still aspire to reduce time required for getting necessary penis size, it’s possible to complement your extender routines with:

well-balanced nutrition plan rich in minerals and proteins;
intake of non-synthetic penis enlargement pills;
adherence to penis enlargement exercises plan.

Benefits of Complementing Extender Sessions with Exercises

Penis exercises belong to the non-invasive penis enlargement techniques. But when used alone, they will require much time till you see their efficacy. However, it’s possible to complement penis exercises with extender sessions to promote quicker and easier penis enlargement. Penis exercises combined with stretcher routines give the following benefits:

  • Substantially intensified penile blood supply.
  • Better control over urination.
  • Prevention of early ejaculations.
  • Improvement of erection quality.
  • High level of sexual satisfaction.
  • Enhancement of sexual vigor and stamina.
  • Increased self-confidence.

It’s not difficult to find the well thought-out penis exercise programs on the Internet and choose the most suitable for you. You may also ask your doctor for an expert advice. This will guarantee the effectiveness of your exercise routine.

How to Maintain the Stretcher

  • Add Some Lubricant. If you want your stretcher function properly, don’t forget to lubricate tension rods, inner springs, and screws from time to time. Usually, it’s enough to lubricate these components once a month. Lubricant coating will guarantee a failure-free service.
  • Clean the Device. Penis enlargement implies the use of stretcher on the on-going basis; that, for several hours daily. The overall duration of enlargement sessions is several months. That’s why it’s recommended to clean the device every week. In such a way, you will not only protect the device from getting dirty but also avoid penile skin inflammation.
    For cleaning, you can take just soap and hot water. They will perfectly cope with available bacteria and body oils. In addition, cleaning can be done with the use of hydrogen peroxide, bleach or isopropyl alcohol which will disinfect the extender surfaces.
  • Upgrade the Extender. Top-quality extenders are equipped with highly durable parts. However, they also can wear out in the course of time. Breakage is also not excluded. Straps and pads wear out most often. In this case, it’s necessary to replace the worn-out parts with the new ones. The trustworthy manufacturers provide the upgrade kits to solve this problem.




You have to keep vigilance and discretion when choosing the extender since the Internet is flooded with a variety of product offers.

It’s easy to fall into a trap of the swindlers because the majority of these products have unsatisfactory quality. There are also many counterfeit products.
That’s why we selected for you the range of the most reliable and high-quality products to simplify your task of finding the best options.

Each of the offered options has own strengths but still ensures great results. However, in our opinion, the top 3 devices have the best efficacy proven with clinical trials and positive customer feedback.

The Verdict

Your safety has to be your priority when you select the most suitable product. Never take your health at risk.

We understand that you may be impatient since your desire to have a larger penis can outweigh cautiousness and all safety reasons. But in this case, you will probably purchase the product that will not help you reach your goals. Instead, it will bring frustration or even harm your health.

You will serve your own interests if you check the comprehensive information about different products and finally choose the top-notch device from the highly reputable manufacturer. Select safe and proven options at affordable prices. And you will protect yourself from troubles.



About the Author:
Robert Dreyfuss, Director of Content at Men’s Answer, has researched over 100 penis enlargement pills, programs, extenders and creams. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.