Best Semen Volume Pills in 2019

Best Semen Volume Pills
Intimate life of the couple plays a very important role for both a woman and a man. That’s why it’s natural that people always try to improve their sexual relationship in order to boost the satisfaction in both partners.

There are actually the multiple ways to breathe a new life into your sex. For example, it’s possible to choose various sex positions, use sex toys, try lubricants and vibrators or simply take care of necessary relaxing techniques. So, here the choice is limited only to your fantasy and skills, as well as to the desire of your partner to experiment and discover the new aspects of sexuality.

However, there is one issue that is not as easy to solve as many men would like. And this issue is an insufficient semen volume. It may sound surprisingly but a large number of men are deeply concerned about ejaculate amount. Most often, these men consider this amount very small. Moreover, they think that the bigger loads they have the better sexual encounter they experience.
We will further investigate the men’s worries about ejaculate volume and find out what makes the men so persistently aspire to have much semen. Also, we will understand how semen volume pills help fix the problem.

Top 3 Semen Volume Pills

There are 3 best-working semen volume pills which stimulate the increased production of semen.

Volume Pills

These pills are ranked first among the top-notch non-artificial supplements able to make ejaculate amount grow in the natural way. The product was launched to the market in 2003. Since that time, it won strong positions in supplementation industry. This over-the-counter product is made by the highly reputed UK company called Leading Edge Health which also has an exclusive right to sell it.

The pills formula contains a range of well-known scientifically-backed natural ingredients such as zinc, gooseberry extract, melon extract, Reishi mushroom, solidin, Ku Gua, and Tian men Dong.
The product not only activates semen production but also improves overall sexual health. In particular, you will get the following advantages:

  • Larger semen volume
  • Increased semen count
  • Enhancement of orgasm intensity
  • Better penis sensitivity
  • Restoration of sex drive
  • Improvement of sexual stamina and endurance
  • Higher energy levels
  • Possibility to last longer in bed
  • Elevation of testosterone levels
  • Recharge of overall sexual performance

It’s necessary to use this product from 3 to 6 months to benefit from all of its semen enhancing effects.
Your interests are protected by a 67-day money back guarantee.


This non-synthetic product is also in the list of semen volume pills manufactured by Leading Edge Health. The company has introduced this over-the-counter semen enhancer in 2003. And since that time, only the manufacturer can sell this supplement.

The formula of this advanced pill is comprised of zinc, l-carnitine, Swedish pollen flower, l-lysine, Muira puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny goat weed, and Avena Sativa.

This reliable product is used to:

  • Increase semen volume
  • Produce healthier sperm
  • Make orgasms brighter and remembering
  • Prolong orgasms by 2-4 times
  • Revive sexual interest
  • Intensify sexual pleasure
  • Prevent premature ejaculation due to the better regulation of ejaculation
  • Normalize male hormonal balance
  • Improve overall sexual function in men

The first positive effects of supplementation can be observed in a couple of weeks since the beginning of Semen intake. But the most amazing results will be achieved after the supplementation, lasting for 2-3 months. Many men continue using the product even for a year in order not to lose the gains.

The manufacturer supports the customers with the help of a money back guarantee valid for 60 days.

Max Performer

These semen volume pills took the third place in our ranking of non-artificial semen boosters. However, this supplement is actually not positioned as a semen volume maximizer. Thus, it is first of all a male enhancement pill of natural origin.
This is a well-trusted and reasonably priced product that features a high efficacy level and doesn’t require any prescription.
The supplement formula includes the following natural ingredients: Ginseng, Horny goats weed, Cordyceps, Maca, Selenium, Zinc, Pantothenic Acid, and Bioperine. The product has an impressive bioavailability which contributes to considerably faster results.

The product successfully works for:

  • Overcoming the impairment of sexual potency in men
  • Promoting fuller and firmer erections
  • Making sexual intercourse much longer than usually
  • Increasing stamina and endurance
  • Brightening orgasms
  • Lifting libido
  • Boosting semen volume

It means that this supplement not only gives you an opportunity to have a more satisfactory ejaculation amount, but also resets your overall erectile function.
The manufacturer offers an incredible money back guarantee that enables you to save your money for 100 days.

What You Should Know about Normal Semen Volume

Before deciding to look for any, even the most trustworthy semen volume pills, it’s necessary to understand which semen volume is considered normal.

The World Health Organization carried out a study in 2010 to investigate which semen volume is characteristic to the healthy men all over the globe. It was finally found out that the amount of semen is absolutely normal if it varies between 0.8 milliliters and 7.6 milliliters. On the average, the men produce semen ranging between 3 milliliters and 5 milliliters.
Usually, semen volume of an ordinary man easily fills from a half to a full tablespoon. That’s why if you have ever thought or someone tried to convince you that there should be more ejaculate, you should know where the truth and reality is.
There is also a misbelief that big loads automatically mean perfect fertility. However, semen isn’t equal to sperm. In fact, there are only from 1% to 10% of sperm in the ejaculate. The percentage of sperm in semen grows if the man doesn’t have sex or doesn’t masturbate for a long time.
Also, you should know that the amount of ejaculate isn’t the same during the man’s life. Thus, the man experiences the maximum semen volume when he is 30-35 years old. When the man is 55 years old and older, ejaculate amount inevitably dramatically plummets.

Why Men Want to Have Impressive Semen Volume

The men typically decide using semen volume pills being guided by different rumors and myths that circulate mainly among the men themselves.
Usually, the men desire to have a massive ejaculate amount because they:

Watch too much porn

Complete accessibility of the films for adults indeed played a low-down trick on the men, making them to wish the things impossible in real life. Since many modern men are porn addicted or simply spend much time by watching such movies, they start think that everything happening in porn must obligatorily happen in their bedroom. This also refers to enormously large loads which the porn stars demonstrate. When seeing such an unbelievably large semen volume, the ordinary men are frustrated. They start worrying that something is wrong with them because their semen volume is negligeable.
But you should always remember that the adult films require much time for production and edition. That’s why in reality everything is not like it may seem when you watch porn. In addition, the male porn stars often use semen volume pills on a regular basis to enhance semen production.

Believe that much semen means better fertility

It’s a scientifically proven fact that male fertility is not related to the amount of semen you have during ejaculation. In fact, sperm count, motility, and morphology are the key sperm characteristics which directly determine sperm health and ability to fertilize the ovum. If you have any doubts concerning your fertility and are going to conceive a baby, you should visit a medical expert and undergo a semen analysis to find a safe and effective way out. If the healthcare practitioner deems it necessary to prescribe you some medications, you will have to undergo a pharmaceutical treatment. Semen volume pills may also help you improve the sperm quality.

Think that masculinity depends on semen volume

A great number of men think that the more semen they produce the more masculine they are. So, the amount of ejaculate is what enables the men to validate their self-image. But you should understand that masculinity is determined by the state of mind and emotional background rather than by the sperm volume. Sexual prowess doesn’t have any relation to masculinity. And you shouldn’t swallow the bait of people who try to convince you otherwise.

Are assured that sexual pleasure is determined by semen volume

There is no interconnection between semen volume and sexual pleasure. Neither you nor your partner has a more pleasurable sexual experience if you release much semen. And vice versa. Your sexual pleasure will not decrease if your semen volume is not huge. Also, you will not have a longer lasting orgasm if the penis needs more time to ejaculate because of a larger amount of semen.

When to Visit a Doctor

In the majority of men, ejaculate amount falls within the normal limits. That’s why the men have nothing to worry about and shouldn’t hurry up with taking semen volume pills.
However, in some cases, it’s yet necessary to pay attantion to the semen volume you produce. You may suspect that something is wrong with your man’s health if your loads are repeatedly smaller than usually. In such a situation, it’s recommended to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Typically, it’s necessary to visit an urologist.

The noticeable reduction of ejaculate volume may indicate the availability of some health problems such as testosterone deficiency and diabetes. It means that only a doctor can set the right diagnosis in the medical settings. For this, you should undergo blood tests and overall medical exam.

When everything is done, the doctor will determine which treatment you need and can also additionally advise you some semen volume pills to support your ejaculatory system.

Tips to Increase Semen Volume

There is a range of well-working tips that are sure to help you give a strong boost to semen production and overall sperm health in the natural way.

Less Frequent Ejaculations

Probably, the easiest and the most effortless way to have big loads is to make ejaculation frequency drop. It’s the most natural and proven method. When your body has a prolonged recovery period between sexual sessions, it logically has enough time for the rest and for the production of a new, large portion of semen. If you have sexual encounters very often, your ejaculate amount will be small. That’s why at least 1-2 days or even longer without sex is needed to your body to refill the released semen.

Body Weight Reduction

According to the medical experts, about 33% of men suffering from obesity have the problems with both semen volume and sperm characteristics. The study has indicated that a high BMI very negatively affects sperm count, motility, morphology, concentration, and even semen amount in general. But after the adherence to a 14-week weight reduction plan, the male study subjects experienced a substantial upsurge in both ejaculate amount and sperm count.
It means that the excessive weight and especially obesity may hinder you from enjoying the semen volume you want. That’s why in addition to the intake of top-class semen volume pills, you should also choose an effective weight loss program and be engaged in at least moderate physical activity.

Proper Eating Pattern

Semen volume and sperm quality greatly depend on what you eat on a daily basis. In particular, zinc, selenium, lycopene, and amino acids such as lysine, carnitine, and arginine are very crucial for the production of a large amount of healthy semen. That’s why you should take care of an adequate supply of these natural substances with food to your body.
Thus, carnitine, lysine, and arginine play an extremely important role in maintaining testosterone levels, as well as the levels of other sex hormones high and stable. These compounds are available in tuna, red meat, oatmeal, and poultry. Zinc is irreplaceable for the formation of semen. By the way, you lose approximately 2 mg of zinc with each ejaculation. Among the others, seafood, meat, legumes, seeds, nuts, and eggs contain very high amount of zinc. Nuts are also a great source of selenium. And lycopene is present in watermelon, peppers, and tomatoes.
In addition, it will not go amiss to add natural semen volume pills to your nutrition plan.

Adequate Hydration

It’s not surprising that water can’t be replaced with any other substances or fluids in our bodies. The lack of water has a very negative influence on the body as a whole and on your semen in particular. When dehydration develops, the body uses water available in the body for the maintaining of its vital functions. Of course, in this case, no water remains for producing a proper amount of semen. Normal water intake not only urges your body to produce the increased semen volume, but also improves the quality of sperm. So, you should drink much water throughout the day to do a favor to your ejaculatory function.

No Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits people may have. And this habit leads to the development of many diseases and unpleasant symptoms. And semen amount and characteristics are not an exception. According to existing scientific evidence, smoking suppresses the prostate function. It means that the prostate is no longer able to synthesize a normal amount of secretions which actually form semen. As a result, the amount of ejaculate decreases.
So, if you take semen volume pills of superior quality but still smoke, you will not achieve the results you expect.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are highly beneficial not only for women, but for men as well. It should be noted that these exercises help the men substantially enhance their sexual health. When doing these exercises, you don’t virtually train your body synthesize more semen. But Kegel exercises make ejaculation more intense. That’s why the penis will ejaculate the entire amount of semen in a much more effective way.

What Women Tell about Semen Volume

The men are convinced that semen volume should be obligatorily large. Moreover, many men even suffer from low self-esteem because they think that they are not able to produce much semen. Though the men are often obsessed with the amount of ejaculate and even use semen volume pills to improve the situation, the women consider semen volume a far-fetched issue.
According to different reviews and surveys, the women don’t put emphasis on how much load their men can shoot. For the majority of women, this amount is not important at all or they don’t pay much attention to it. That’s because the manifestations of love and tenderness, sex positions, and partner’s bedroom skills and abilities are what really matters for the women and what makes a sexual encounter pleasurable.
In addition, many women feel irritation and dissatisfaction when their male partners want to have a break for a few days between sexual intercourses in order to increase semen volume. For the women, consistency plays a much more important role in sex life than the amount of ejaculate.
To achieve the harmony and strengthen the relationship, it’s crucial to enhance the communication between the partners. If you talk to your partner and discuss together all the aspects of sexual encounter, semen volume will not become an impediment on the way to mutual sexual satisfaction and happiness.
Also, if you are going to take any semen volume pills, it would be better to inform your wife or girlfriend about your intention. By doing this, you will avoid misunderstanding.

Are Semen Volume Pills Truly Effective?

If you still wonder whether semen volume pills of natural origin really work effectively, you should understand that the answer to this question is intricate.
You should realize that such pills don’t provide prompt results. That’s because they are comprised of natural ingredients which supply your body with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, micronutrients, and other natural compounds able to promote the increased secretion of semen.
Also, you shouldn’t have inflated expectations concerning the amount of ejaculate you will be able to produce at the end of supplementation. Of course, you will notice a boost of ejaculate release. But you shouldn’t expect that the semen volume will enlarge by several times.
In addition, you should know that semen pills are very helpful for the men who need to raise sperm count. These pills perfectly cope with this task.