One of the first questions you might ask yourself when shopping for a penis pump is, “Is it safe for me to use?” It’s a good question, too, because some pumps are much safer than others. Learning to distinguish safe pumps from dangerous ones is very important to the outcome of your experience.

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Let’s be honest here. You will see all kinds of pumps for sale, both on the Internet and in sex shops around the world. Some are high quality, safe devices and some are not. Don’t believe all the hype stirred up by fancy advertising without checking out the facts. With a little research and education, you can be on your way to making a smart purchase.

Forget cheap, knock-off pumps from unknown sources

doctor-adviceBuying cheap knock-off pumps from unknown manufacturers can definitely be hazardous to the health of your penis. Instead or buying your pump from somewhere like eBay, play it safe by purchasing a tried-and-proven product from a manufacturer you trust. However, you still need to research your product even if it is listed on a trusted site.

Customer Reviews – Do they sound too good to be true?

You can’t always believe the reviews you read if they are posted on the same site where your intended product is for sale. Look around at other review sites and find one that has no connection to the produce they are reviewing. Those are the ones you can trust the most. If a review sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

Standards for Safe Penis Pumps

There are certain requirements and standards pumps should meet in order to be considered safe. Here’s a smart list of recommendations for you to consider:

Pumps should be made from high quality, medical-grade materials
They should include gauges to limit amount of vacuum (or include their own method of vacuum control)
Cylinder of pump should be clear in color so that you can monitor the appearance of your penis during the pump routine
It should include both start & quick-release mechanisms to allow you more control

Water Pumps are your Best Choice

Your best bet, when purchasing a penis pump, is to buy a water pump.

While they are slightly more expensive, they are also safer to use.

Water pumps deliver uniformly even pressure to your penis, cutting out the potential for injuries. Air pumps, although certainly effective, sometimes have the tendency to produce too much uneven pressure, resulting in potential harm to your penis. In addition to being the safer choice, water pumps also result in uniform growth and produce better results.

Other Choices

focus-on-qualityIf you are unable to purchase a quality water pump, then your next choice should be an advanced automatic air pump with built-in vacuum limitation. The only other potentially safe choice would be a cheaper air pump with a gauge (in which you would control the vacuum yourself).

When it comes to you penis, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do your research well and make sure you purchase a high quality penis pump that has been tried and proven safe & effective.

Which Penis Pump should You Select?

When trying to decide on a penis pump, you will be faced with many options. They aren’t all the same so if you find yourself confused, a little education goes a long way. Learning about various types will help you make a decision that you won’t regret later.

Categories of Pumps

Basically, there are two main categories. Air pumps create pressure by means of a motor or a manual pump mechanism. Water pumps create pressure using water from your bath or shower.

Pricewise, the most affordable devices are manually operated. You must do all the work yourself and keep up with how much pressure you are applying with the use of a hand-operated pump.

These are very simple devices that are easy to use.


A step up from manual pumps are automatic/electric ones. Some of them come complete with measuring gauges and some don’t.

Gauges are great on the cheaper priced varieties but totally unnecessary on your more expensive, updated devices. Most of the newer pumps come with built-in protection that won’t allow you to overdo the amount of pressure applied.

You will notice, when shopping around, that some of the better devices come in small, average, and big sizes. This might be an important consideration for you if your penis is smaller or larger than usual.

Water-Assisted Pumps are, by far, the elite of all penis pumps.

They are slightly more expensive but much safer to use. They work by using water instead of air to get the job done. Instead of pumping, all you must do is press the installed unit towards your body to get the amount of pressure needed. Water devices are 100% safe and much easier to use than traditional pumps.

They are fast becoming best sellers, primarily because of their safety factor, ease of use, and superior results.

Now that you know a little more about the different varieties of penis pumps, you should be better able to make a good purchasing decision. Just remember to purchase a good quality device made of medically-approved materials from a reputable manufacturer. It should be convenient to use with easily understood instructions.

Liposuction and Stem Cell Surgery Will Help Men Enlarge Penises in the Near Future

Penis enlargement is quite an intricate industry. Nowadays, the major methods to lengthen the penis include the release of suspensory ligament and the insertion of a silicone implant.

These methods can be dangerous. Thus, if the penis is surgically detached from the ligaments, it may be finally directed downwards. Penile implant failure may also happen. However, if the unsatisfactory penis size causes emotional pain and psychological suffering in men, the men yet rely on these surgical procedures.
But in the near future, the alternative methods may appear.

StemProtect, a company which is involved in cryopreservation of stem cells, is going to make a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery by applying stem cells for penis enlargement.

The surgical procedure is performed by means of liposuction. Some fat removed from the man’s stomach is used to take healthy stem cells. Then fat that has remained is combined with these stem cells.

This combination of fat and stem cells is transferred to the penis. This procedure resembles the placement of a silicone implant. But in contrast to the silicone implant, fat and stem cells are not extraneous to the body. So, the risk of rejection decreases.

It’s also expected that this surgical procedure will help prevent infection contamination, inflammation, and other side effects.

Mark Hall, who represents StemProtect, claims, “A new dawn in cosmetic surgery is coming. It will enable to not only save natural appearance, but also take the advantage of the natural materials in a way that has never been possible before.”
Nowadays, people understand that all-natural approach is much more beneficial. But they also have a strong desire to change their appearance for better.
The use of own patient’s stem cells for the tissue growth is a revolutionary method that is sure to decrease the number of possible complications associated with the surgery.

Nothing can be better than the use of stem cells for penis enlargement since it’s an extremely delicate sphere of cosmetic surgery.

The use of artificial tissues can cause a side effect at any moment, while the stem cells offer a fully natural, effective solution to this problem.

Of course, additional studies are required to make stem cell surgery a common procedure for all men, wishing to change the penis size.

Numerous studies give evidence that the men who have an average-sized penis most frequently suffer from low self-esteem and become the patients of the cosmetic surgeons.

According to the study conducted in 2006, only 35% of the patients, who underwent the penis lengthening surgical procedure, were finally satisfied with the new penis length. By the way, their penises have become approximately 1.3 cm longer than before. The scientists reported that even initially these patients didn’t have small penises. It means that not a real necessity but psychological issues were the true reason that made the men to enlarge penis.

Each man who is going to undergo a surgical procedure should firstly consult a sex therapist. This professional will help the man understand whether the surgery is the most suitable choice for him.

And don’t forget that a huge penis is not the most important condition for a happy sex life. Your partner fell in love with you not because of your penis size.

Anyway, if you still want to increase the penis size, you should remember that at the present moment, till stem cell surgery is on the stage of development, male enhancement pills offer the most reliable and safest way to tackle your issue.

Penis Enlargement: Available Techniques

Penis enlargement with the help of surgical methods traces its roots back to the last decade of the XXth century. Since that time, the surgical techniques have been significantly improved. There are the enlargement procedures targeted on both penis length and penis thickness.

Surgical increase in penis length, also known as phalloplasty, is the most widespread penis enlargement technique. The matter is that up to 30% of the penis is hidden inside the body, being attached to the pubic bone. Phalloplasty implies detachment of the suspensory ligament of the penis base due to which the internal part of penis becomes visible. To achieve this, it’s necessary to make a horizontal incision in the pubic area. So, the ligament is cut. And this makes penis lengthening possible. The doctor may use tissue expanders which will not allow the ligaments to contract again after the procedure.

The length gain may reach 2-4 cm. The erectile function will not suffer as a result of this surgical procedure. However, the erection quality may slightly decrease in some cases.

The doctor may also recommend performing a scrotoplasty procedure which implies scrotal skin reduction. When there is no excess scrotal skin, the penis becomes longer. It’s an outpatient surgery which takes only 20 minutes.

Another surgical technique is targeted at the increase in penis girth. This procedure implies fat transfer penis enlargement. The doctor obtains the patient’s own fat through liposuction from the abdomen. Then fat is injected along the body of penis. As a result, the penis circumference increases. The interval between 2 fat injection procedures should be 3 months. And the second procedure may cause an excellent girth-enhancing effect – up to 50%.

However, the new techniques have been developed, allowing the patients to get much better results. Thus, one of the most innovative methods to make the penis thicker is based on the use of platelet-rich plasma. In this case, the penis thickens due to the use of the patient’s blood components. This method of penis widening helps avoid the issue of foreign body reaction or tissue rejection. Now this procedure can even be performed in the outpatient settings.

One more method which enables the doctors to enhance the patients’ penis girth implies the use of the patients’ own tissue grafts. But the use of tissue grafts from the other humans is also possible. It’s necessary to suture graft tissue along the body of penis. As a result, it’s possible to enlarge the penis girth by 35%.

The procedure intended for the increase in penis thickness is not harmful for sexual potency and urinary system. It’s also possible to simultaneously increase the penis length and thickness.

Which Penis Enlargement Method to Choose

If you ask your healthcare provider for advice concerning the most suitable penis enlargement option, the professional may recommend you to lose weight. There are many men with some excessive weight. And the weight loss is a perfect non-surgical way to make the penis longer. Pubic liposuction procedure may also be helpful since the fat pad around the base of penis will be removed. Consequently, the penis size will increase.

At the same time, the surgeon may think that surgery is the greatest choice for you. The intrusive methods allow men to make penis both longer and thicker. When a suspensory ligament is cut a little bit, it’s possible to lengthen your penis. If you need to increase circumference, fat injections into the penis may be the rightest option for you. The use of allografts may also be useful, especially if you wish to combine penis lengthening with penis widening.

Which are effective penis enlargement methods?

Nowadays there are various methods how to increase the size of your penis. But the effectiveness of those methods can be different. And of course, most men decide to undergo penis enlargement procedures simply because to give more pleasure to partner and thus make his relationship better and even increase his confidence. Today we have gathered a report for the following methods.

Penis Enlargement Exercises(Jelqing)
By doing penis enlargement exercises several so called gurus are reporting noticeable results, but is true? The most popular penis exercise is so called jelqing. Jelqing basically is a deliberate stretching of penis by using your hands. Although it may sound simple and effective, its not since you will be able to get only a lengthier, thinner penis. You may gain some extra inch but the girth will be reduced. Women don’t like thin penis. Also, there is a risk of facing permanent injuries.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Male enhancement pills is a temporary method how to increase the blood flow and thus extend the penis. The really work however the results will fade after a few minutes. Unfortunately, penis enlargement pills tend to be unreliable and often uses chemical ingredients which can cause allergy and other health problems. We strongly recommend to consult your doctor before use. Also, avoid buying those pills on the Internet since often they are distributed illegally and may contain harmful substances.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps is another method which has become very popular lately due to the popularity of a few brands. Those pumps usually operate by using the vacuum or water pressure. It is very easy to use those pumps. You just attached the pump to your pubic region and by pressing a button the water or vacuum will create a backwards pressure which will lead to faster blood flow in the region. Because of the larger amount of blood provided, after a while the tissue will regenerate to absorb this increased amount and thus make the penis longer and thicker. At first you will notice a temporary results but after using the pump for a few weeks permanent results will start to develop.

The risk of facing and serious health problems by using penis pumps are low. Most popular brands like Penomet uses water thus making the process pleasurable and easy.