Penis enlargement devices correct faulty penile curvature to limit pain experienced during sexual intercourse. The growth in penile measure is not lost with discontinuation of use of the device. Penis enlargement devices act externally and are not limited by changing physiological factors of the body.

Harmful Enhancement Techniques

Penis enlargement devices like patches and other techniques like jelqing etc. are the things that will give you a value for money and will also ensure a proper growth of your penis and will also nurture its stamina.
Vacuum pumps are very harmful in that they can cause haemorrhage by initiating bleeding in blood vessels.

Weight hanging techniques are no recommended for a greater penis size. They do not provide growth instead initiate unhealthy tissue extension that damages the contractile chambers responsible for erection.
Hanging weights to your penis can be dangerous as it can damage arterioles and capillaries in the penile tissue. Weight hanging methods do not work against sexual dysfunction conditions like premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.

Natural Regenerative Ability

Penis enlargement pills if used effectively can provide permanent gains in penile measure that is not lost with discontinuation of use of the device. .Herbal pills are fortified with vitamins that are essential for sexual health.

They are not expensive and highly effective when used in conjunction with traction device. Penis enlargement devices can be used by aging men to limit sexual atrophy of gonads experienced with aging.

Genetic factors may be responsible for the incidence of peyronie’s disease. There is progressive worsening of the condition with aging. General etiology for the condition has not been established. External trauma could be an inducing factor. There could be satisfactory resolution of the conditions with time only in very few men.

Immunosuppressant employed for enhancement surgical procedures increases risk to infections and malignancy in the post operative period. Testicular infections are generally symptomatic as inflammation in the scrotal region.

Gangrene conditions are initiated with low oxygen flow to the tissues. Certain forms of gangrene are idiopathic in nature. Penile trauma, bruising and administration of prescription agents may be the causative factor.

Penile arterioles maybe afflicted by fulminating pathogens that cause inflammation of gonadal tissue necessitating surgical incision. Penis enlargement devices push up the immune ability of the body to fight infections with high vascular supply.

The incidence of osteoporosis could cause more pain than local inflammation in aging men. Musculoskeletal strength is reduced in men with the initiation of andropause. Certain forms of vitamins are synthesized by the microflora in the colon while the others are not available for absorption. There could be damage to the haematopoietic system with vitamin deficiency states.

Vitamins are necessary for the activation of enzymes that participate and regulate the biochemical cycles of the body. Neurological deficiencies occur with non availability of B complex vitamins in the body.
Minerals are necessary for regenerative ability with cellular growth and multiplication.

Herbal penis pill compounds have been processed and do not cause vascular collapse associated with hypersensitivity reactions.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus pills are often a combination of herbs which are meant to produce an increased blood flow to and from the penis. These pills are usually completely ineffective and if they are able to increase blood flow, the enhancement is only temporary as a result of swelling. This means that there is actually no real growth. In order for the penis to grow in mass and length, new skin must be generated. To do so a combination of exercises and a traction device must be used.

How’s it Work?

The combination of subtle and slight stress on the body of the penis allows for the regeneration of skin tissue leading to the development of a larger penis. The stress applied on the penis must be for prolonged periods of time (i.e. 3 to 5 hours). The key to this is a properly designed traction device which allows for a comfortable experience. There are currently various extenders and pills available on the market which promise results.

They often combine the two, both pills and an extender, in order to increase blood flow as well as provide the required stress. In theory this process would work, however; many extenders are uncomfortable and cannot be worn for long periods of time therefore offering limited results. The Hydromax ensures proper blood circulation and the required stress while ensuring comfort.

Comfort Strap Technology

Comfort Strap technology was developed by X4 Labs to guarantee that the Hydromax can be worn for prolonged periods of time. Being able to wear the device for the prescribed number of hours allows for real results rather than false hopes.

By visiting our forum, you can read about other information pertaining penis enlargement and the Hydromax. Our satisfied clients are able to discuss various issues, developments, and provide help.

Role of perfect male health doctors are to rescue men from male related problems. Men are facing too many male problems these days. Some of the most common and embracing male related problems are – prostate cancer, male infertility, and male breast enlargement and so on.

Due to these problems men are embraced for years and the sad part is that they are not ready to discuss it with other person. Usually if these diseases are detected at the beginning stage then it can be preventable or easily curable. Male health doctors help men to detect these problems in early stage.

Here, let’s elaborately see these various male health related problems and the valuable contributions by male health doctors towards these issues.

Enlargement of male breasts:

It is one of the most embarrassing problems that men of different ages face today. Men cannot resolve this problem by traditional exercise or diet. Liposuction is the best remedy for male health reduction that can be done only by men health surgeons.

Male health doctors define this surgery as dreams come true for men, who are suffering from gynecomastia since puberty or many years together.

Men come to male surgeons with the painful stories like they feel humiliated and uncomfortable to take their shirts off in a pool or on the beach while they have fun along with their other male or female mates. Male doctors rescue men who suffer from this condition by contributing male breast reduction surgery.

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Prostate cancer:

Prostate cancer occurs in a private part or on a reproductive system of men. Men are embarrassed to show or speak about this serious problem with others. Male health doctors pay special contribution to these types of cases. Doctors maintain the reports of liver function problems during the treatment of prostrate cancer.

They start monitoring the function of the liver along with the blood before they start the treatment and also during first four months of the treatment and after that as well. These are just the few examples of their special contribution towards prostate cancer in men.

Male Infertility:

Infertility is another major problem that men cannot express or discuss with others. However, it is not a contagions condition but still some types of infertility are contagious.

According to the causes of infertility, male health doctors offer different types for treatment. For instance, if the cause is due to varicose veins in the scrotum then they fix the problem by surgery. Otherwise, if problems come from hormones then they advise the patient to undergo hormone therapy.

If it is an initial stage and the cause is basic then doctors recommend typical treatments like moderate exercise and a balanced diet that have the potential to keep the testicles nice and cool. As a result, in course of time exercise and diet have the potential to make men fertile.

These are just the few examples of male health issues and the role of male health doctors towards that.

VigRX Plus: The Best Enhancement Supplement for Men?

Another male enhancement pill? How am I supposed to know which one to pick? That is a reasonable inquiry. Fortunately for you, after the years I’ve spent examining, researching, and trying hundred of alternatives, I’ve made sense of the answer. You simply need to know how to comprehend the cases these product make, and realize what ingredients are important to convey on those cases, and you’ll have the capacity to tell if you whether you can trust and rely on these products. Basically what it comes down to is using your experience to comprehend what’s coming at you next. So when a peruser got some information about Hydromax, I accumulated my experience and dove right in.

What Does VigRX Plus Do?

When we look to the official site to see what natural Viagra cases to do, we discover porn star Bree Olson (one of Charlie Sheen’s “Goddess” that was living with him when his unusual conduct got him commenced his long-running network show, Two and A Half Men) stating that this pill is the particular case that all her kindred porn stars rely on to guarantee that they’re performing at their greatest and best, every last time. Specifically, with VigRX Plus you’ll discover yourself with:

– Shake hard erections
– Bursting vitality.
– Unbridled continuance.
– What’s more, permanent additions is size, including both length and circumference.

VigRX Plus is 100% natural enhancement supplement which can provide men natural power without having any side effects. This product is 100% approved to be effective since nowadays, it is quite difficult to find effective male enhancement products because there are lots of scammers. VigRX Plus is formulated by a number of health experts inspired by the best treatment naturally for properly fixing the problems of the male. After a hard effort and complete research, they have developed the most appropriate and natural blends which can effectively perform the enhancement of male’s internal power.

Based from the reports of some surveys, VigRX Plus had already helped almost 500,000 men by giving them their most desired result. VigRX Plus helped them to increase their drive performance and overall passion and allow them to move excellently in their bedroom. Furthermore, VigRX Plus has proven that it can make your sexual life healthier and will enable you to perform like a 100% superstar in adult entertainment industry. In fact, according to adult movie stars, VigRX Plus is the one behind their very successful job because it gives them the power for erection along with good and effective quality of sperms.

VigRX Plus contains nitric oxide whereas it give 100% power in helping you boost erections naturally. According to the medical sciences, nitric oxide has natural enhancing abilities thus can naturally help you grow your erectile tissues that will definitely enable you to being an extraordinary sex drive like it is your first time. Nowadays, if you are wondering about the adult star’s performance, VigRX Plus is the one behind their maximum performance. VigRX Plus is their weapon when performing in adult videos and it makes them ready in every shoot with more erectile power and passion through the most natural way.

The manufacturers of VigRX Plus really made it 100% natural with safe ingredients in order for every male to get the maximum erectile power they desire. Furthermore, VigRX Plus contains a special combination of natural ingredients which 100% effective and approved for gaining an outstanding performance in bed and also very effective in increasing the overall length and girth that all men and women will definitely enjoy.

The Benefits of Using VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus contains 100% natural formula for male enhancement and aside from that there are many other benefits you can get by using it regularly. Here are the benefits of using VigRX Plus:
By taking VigRX Plus, you don’t have the need of organizing your love life since its active formula will keep you up anywhere in any time of your life.
By taking proper amount of doses, rock and hard bedroom performance is guaranteed for a long period of time.

Unlike the other kind of supplement or medications which you need a doctor’s note or prescription, VigRX Plus can be bought without the need of doctor’s permission or any kind of prescription because it is already proven safe and effective.
VigRX Plus has zero side effects because it is risk free and all natural male enhancing product.
If you feel that your “manhood” or male power didn’t increase or grow by taking this product, their officials guarantee to return all your money back.

By taking VigRX Plus, it will definitely help you to stay healthy and it will also help you achieve an amazing result just like the stars in adult movies regarding the way it looks before. Remember that in order to obtain all your desired natural best results from the VigRX Plus, it is recommended to take in proper or correct dose in a right routine. VigRX Plus is already proven that it is the #1 supplement or pill for male that is needed to make a perfect role in your love life.

General Process and Funding of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus, as a male enhancing supplement is actually supported and funded by the conglomerate production of the adult entertainment industry. The officials of VigRX Plus claim that their product is formulated from researches of many scientists that sit together along with several medical professionals with having one goal in their minds and that is to develop the best enhancement product for male that can deliver a real and permanent penile gains. According to them, their team spent several hours, days, weeks and months in searching the scientific and medical overall of the literature and finally they formulated proper mixtures of male enhancement ingredients and it was called, Male Extra. One thing to keep in your mind is that VigRX Plus isn’t about making you hard, huge and hotter along with boosting your sex desires but VigRX Plus will deliver you amazing and permanent gains in your overall length and girth size. According to one survey, there are already half a million men nowadays that are using the VigRX Plus and they love the overall being of their size and even ladies are now screaming with joys in their face.

Alcoholism being an addictive type of drug dependence is characterized by craving, loss of control, physical dependence, loss of control. The increased use of alcohol affects men’s health both physically and psychologically.

Statistics indicate that men are likely to be four times alcoholics than women. Alcoholism is a life-threatening problem that that develops after the repeated use of it. It leads to death specially after causing disastrous affects on kidney and liver, brain deterioration and internal bleeding. There are adverse affects of alcohol on men’s health leading to various health diseases and shortening the life span of the individuals.

– Alcohol in men can cause impotency. It increases the estrogen levels in men affecting the sperm development. It also has adverse effects on the levels of the hormone.

– Alcohol abuses causes brain damage and leads to destruction of brain cells. A toxin damages the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system. It causes chronic damage manifested both physically and psychologically in the behavior of the person. Physically it is manifested through numbness of hands and feet and in blindness.

– Psychologically it affects the men’s health mentally by causing intellectual disabilities, confusion, impaired learning and a condition known as delirium tremens in which the person experiences anxiety, trembling, rapid pulse and hallucinations.

– Alcohol causes liver disorders. It damages the liver causing liver hepatitis, an inflammation of liver. Symptoms include nausea, fever, jaundice, or yellowing of skin, tenderness, abdominal pain, and mental confusion. Hepatitis further leads to chiriosis causing liver failure, liver cancer, and death.

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– Alcohol causes chronic inflammation and gastrointestinal problems. The inflammation of the lining of the stomach leads to ulceration, which disrupts the digestion of the food. Perforation of stomach and intestine interferes with the absorption of vitamin B. These infections are associated with poor diet malnutrition leading to diseases like pneumonia, kidney failure and pancreatic.

– Alcohol leads to cardiovascular problems. Excessive damage leads to high blood pressure damaging heart muscles and putting you at an increased risk of cardiac arrest and failure.

– Excessive alcohol causes sexual problems affecting men’s health mentally. The most common effect is erective dysfunction in men disrupting his sexual performance.

– Alcohol is bad for diabetes patients. Alcohol prevents the release of glucose from your liver and increases blood sugar levels. Diabetic people already taking insulin to lower blood sugar should avoid alcohol to prevent themselves from further deterioration.

– Alcohol increases risk of cancer. Chronic use of alcohol leads to cancer of esophagus, larynx, colon, and liver.
Apart from these, there are other complications and adverse affects of alcoholism on men’s health, which also affects his family largely.

• Domestic household abuse, which can lead to divorce, self-harm, and violence
• Poor performance at work affects men’s health.
• Increased risk of drunken driving leads to accidents and arrest.
• Increased susceptibility to accidents and injuries
• Increased susceptibility to murder and suicides

Alcohol intake affects men’s health mentally. Excessive intake causes depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and other mental disorders shortening the life span or leading to mental disability. Steady drinking can lead to increase risk of developing dependence on alcohol and causing adverse affects on men’s health.

Health and legal problems prompt treatment of alcohol. However many counselors who teach in recovering from alcohol from different situation have triggered its use. Treatment is beneficial if the person himself cooperates and gives his best.

Penis enlargement drugs like natural herbal pills treat premature ejaculation and provide for strong penile erections. They gradually increase penile measure and nourish the cutaneous penile skin protecting against infections.

It is essential to remove the accumulation of smegma over the penile foreskin to protect against risk to malignancy. The high blood flow initiated helps maintain the organ healthy and invigorated.

Balanitis a skin infection can affect the health of the penile head and foreskin. Penis enlargement drugs like herbal pills induce natural immune activity of the body and helps acts against gonadal infections.

Longer Erections

Penis enlargement drugs like herbal pills increase the sexual power and orgasmic potential of an individual. Prescription drugs employed for erection problems can cause many side effects. It is seen to act in about thirty minutes. Some of them are effective for as long as thirty six hours.

They provide symptomatic relief to mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction. It is seen to enhance erectile function by increasing blood flow to gonadal organs of the body. They are contraindicated for use with nitrate drugs employed for chest pain and heart conditions. Nitrates are found in recreational agents like poppers.

The harmful interaction could cause side effects like low blood pressure, stroke, myocardial infarction and fainting. There have been reports of sudden loss of eyesight with intake of the drug. Penis enlargement drugs that contain herbal aphrodisiacs can help overcome premature ejaculation and impotence.

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Increased Vascular Flow

Vision loss occurs with lowered blood flow to the optic nerve of the eye. Systemic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol accentuate the above risk in an individual. Smokers over the age of fifty are more likely to experience significant side effects. Cardiovascular diseases or arrhythmias are some of the conditions that are contraindicated for use with drugs.

Traction device companies offer DVD exercise programs as a package along with many other value added gifts. Local penis exercises act synergistically with traction appliance to help overcome sexual dysfunction symptoms and accelerate penile growth. Greater ejaculatory control and increased frequency of erections form lowering of refractory period is seen to occur. Refractory period is the time period of rest experienced between two ejaculations.

Traction device companies offer value added benefits like free spare parts and an easy travel case to carry the appliance along. Strong customer support with e-mail and telephone is available round the clock. Penis enlargement drugs can be used with traction device to achieve faster increase in penile measure.

Greater Fertility

Enlargement techniques like pills, devices and exercises induce relaxation of the erectile tissue corpus cavernosum. This is seen to bring about through receptor action via nitric oxide those results in increased blood flow. Intracavernous vasoactive agents are employed pharmacologically to overcome sexual dysfunction.

The use of prescription drugs for performance anxiety may induce side effects like drowsiness, lethargy and muscular weakness. There is stimulation of vascular smooth muscle that can help individuals with peripheral vascular disease.

VigRX Plus Male Enhancement

It’s often seen that couples, after sometimes face a not so good relationship state. Most of the times, the reason is poor sexual performance and it really can destroy your relationship with your partner. If you have the same problem and you think you need something that could help you with the same then go with VigRX Plus Male Enhancement. I know you have queries about this, so read this review and make a right choice.

What’s Inside the Package?

Well the package not only consists of pills like other male enhancement supplements but there is something else to amaze you with results. Along with the pills (for 30 days servings) the package also contains a massage cream.

What is this Supplement all about?

This is a natural male enhancement supplement that helps you get the erection you want during your sexual performance. This is created by a team of scientists and has been proven to be a boon in the male enhancement industry.

VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Ingredients

Well the ingredients used this supplement package are all clinically tested and proven for better results. Well the ingredients are the reason why this supplement works so effectively. The list includes:

  • Oyster shell
  • Muira Puama (the herbal Viagra)
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • MACA

Follow these Simple Steps while using the Supplement…

Massage a small amount of cream onto penis till it is absorbed well into the skinEnjoy a monster size rock hard erection

How Does VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Work?

The natural blend of this supplement works to increase the sex hormones. The supplement helps you increase your sexual behavior and also increases the desire to have sex and this result is quite instant. This also increases testosterone in men and boosts the level of nitric oxide that helps in better blood flow to important muscles.

What are the Claimed Benefits of using this Supplement?

  • Increased size
  • Improves erection
  • Super charged stamina
  • Last longer during sex

Who can use this?

This could be used by men who want to gain rock hard erection. Male Extra is also officially sponsored by Bree Olson. According to women, the supplement helped their partner perform better than ever.

Side Effects?

People out there have used this, their testimonials are available on the official website, and none of them claims that there are side effects of using this. Well if you want to give this a try, then first ask a doctor to be on a safer side.

Poor penis size is seen to affect the self esteem and sexual confidence of a man. Penis enlargement techniques must provide equal gains in flaccid and erect measures of the penis. Men looking to enrich their sexual life should choose a holistic technique that provides complete enhancement in addition to penis growth.

Traction appliance holds EU certification for penis enlargement and is designed with surgical grade materials. The comfort silicone straps with easy release can gently tug a penis of any size and measure. Traction devices are designed for high user use with the availability of thick comfort straps. The application of comfort strap technology provides for enhanced efficiency and greater precision.

Natural Healing Ability

Traction devices are recommended by urologists for effective penis enlargement for visible growth in length and girth. They have been indicated for use in the post operative period of penis enhancement surgery. It is seen to reduce the risk to penile shrinkage that is an anticipated adverse effect with surgical enhancement procedures. They bring about penis growth by stimulating the natural regenerative ability of the body to bring about cellular multiplication and tissue expansion.

The degree of traction applied on the penis can be controlled and the device can be worn for prolonged periods of time. It is seen to accommodate micturition without risk to any form of side effect with use. The mild tugging forces are seen to trick the penile skin to induce regeneration without actual damage. There is penile skin cellular multiplication that adds to the length and girth of the organ.

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Bigger Penis Size

The penis enlargement traction device companies offer six month money back guarantee. They offer one year replacement guarantee of individual parts with defects. The above appliance can be worn anytime at work or sleep to gain accelerated penis growth. The gains reported are often proportional to the time of use of the appliance.

Penis enlargement with respect to penile length could be as high as twenty four percent. The gains in penile girth were as high as nineteen percent. Traction device has been found to be effective to treat poor penile curvature as with peyronie’s disease. The resultant stronger penile erections are reported with greater blood flow to the region.

Traction Principle

A bigger penis size improves the sexual confidence of a man adding to libido. The traction device is recommended for use for about two hours a day to observe effective penile gains. The above appliance brings about increase in penile measure by reciprocating the tissue expansion with traction principle employed with cosmetic and regenerative medicine. Penis Enlargement with traction device is not lost with discontinuation of the appliance.

Certain enlargement device companies offer bonus gifts like semen enhancer, pheromones and DVDs. Free shipping and discreet packaging facilities are offered. The regular use of traction device helps alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction like poor erectile function and premature ejaculation.

You can hardly find a man who doesn’t want to increase his sexual potential. Men all over the world have been always looking for different remedies to raise their sexual activity. Numerous doctors and scientists studied the beneficial effects of herbs on the sexual abilities of men. And all of them agreed that herbal medicine is one of the most efficient natural tools to boost male sexual performance.

Herbs have gained special popularity among men who want to increase their sexual performance and boost their libido in the last years. Today, these natural tools are widely used due to their minimal side effects, rich content of essential vitamins and a wide range of medicinal properties.

In addition, herbal medicine is a combination of exceptionally natural products used to enhance the entire body performance. Herbs can rarely cause allergies and other adverse effects. The main advantage of herbal medicine is that you can practice it at home and achieve the desirable effect without visiting doctors often.

Let’s have a look at the other advantages of treating male sexual performance with herbs.

  • Herbs save your money
  • It’s no secret that medicine is quite expensive today. But herbal remedies are much cheaper and you can actually buy them at any drug store. This makes herbal medicine available for every man on the planet.

  • Sustainable results
  • Herbs usually provide you with sustainable results when used in the fight against problems related to the male sexual performance. They can increase erection, prevent early ejaculation, and boost your sexual drive so long as you keep healthy habits and proper nutrition.

  • No adverse effects
  • Herbal medicine excludes almost all adverse effects. And even in case there are any, they are usually insignificant and, as a rule, caused by the improper use of these or those herbs. But traditional drugs used to enhance male sexual performance may have some undesirable effects, which can adversely affect some sexual functions and even the entire male organism.

Which herbs can boost sexual performance?

This is a burning question for men who suffer from problems related to sexual drive and male sexual performance. Today, the number of man suffering from erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, low libido etc. is growing rapidly due to various reasons such as ecological factors, psychological aspects, improper nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits and so on.

But most of them prefer herbal medicine to improve their sexual health. We prepared for you the list of herbs, which can enhance your sexual life and boost sexual performance.

Eleutherococcus senticosus

Eleutherococcus senticosus can be found in some parts of East Asia, China, Japan, and Russia. It helps to boost sexual drive, increase sexual performance and improve your sexual life. This plant can be also used in case of heart deceases and to enhance blood circulation.

Schisandra Chinensis

Schisandra Chinensis is usually prescribed to men who have problems with their erection. It has proven to be effective as a preventive remedy from impotence. This plant can bring your sexual performance to a wholly new level. It enhances almost all body functions.

Serenoa Repens

Serenoa Repens is widely used in herbal medicine, especially in curing different sexual problems. It provides beneficial effects to the male sexual drive, sperm count, as well as increase their strength and general endurance. Serenoa Repens is often used to deal with urinary problems and prostate-related diseases.


Hawthorns enhance the blood circulation and promote its flow to the genitalia of a man. This beneficial property of hawthorns plays an important role in preventing erectile dysfunction in men and improves their sexual performance and drive. Hawthorn is probably the most common herbal remedy for curing erectile problems of men.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is also a very popular herbal remedy for treating various male diseases such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual drive and low sperm count. In addition, it is considered to have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation system.


This plant refers to herbal aphrodisiacs. Catueba increases male libido and prolong excitement. It is often used to prevent early ejaculation and boost sperm count.

Pausinystalia Johimbe

Pausinystalia johimbe is often called a herbal viagra, which doesn’t have any side effects. It boosts libido, stimulates erectile function, and prolongs the duration of sexual congress. This plant is usually incorporated into effective medicinal potions to treat different problems related to the sexual performance of men and enhance the functioning of the entire organism.

Teucrium Сhamaedrys

Teucrium Сhamaedrys has been prized throughout history for its beneficial properties and favorable impact on the male health. It contains a lot of essential minerals and vitamins, which can contribute greatly to sexual performance and boost male sexual functions.

Of course, there are much more medicinal herbs that can contribute to increasing male sexual performance.

For instance, urtica helps to enhance the erectile function, and barberry increases male sexual drive and enhance sexual activity.

But you should remember that herbs increasing male sexual performance as well as other medications shall be used in strict adherence with the instructions. This will help you prevent possible adverse effects and obtain the maximum desirable results.

Don’t use any penis enlargement pills without prior consultations with the appropriate doctor.

Though, you shouldn’t expect very quick results after the first cup of herbal tea. To attain better results and maximally increase your sexual performance, try to avoid the consumption of alcohol, give up smoking, eat healthy food and keep regular meals.