Testo-Max Review – 3 Things You Need to Know

Out of the more than 50 testosterone products we’ve reviewed over the last year, our product called Testo-Max, is our 2018 Editor’s Choice.

Firstly, Testo-Max is touted as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids. The recommended serving is three capsules per day.

Testomax is made by Crazy Bulk; a US/UK-based supplement manufacturer. The official website and trusted retailers sell the product.

1. Testo-Max Secret Sauce, Revealed

We like that Testo-Max references multiple published studies to support supplement claims.

Here are the ingredients at a glance:

  • Fenugreek Extract : Trigonella foenum-graecum, commonly known as fenugreek, is a popular herb in Arabic regions and India. It has traditionally been used to enhance libido and masculinity. Fenugreek is a safe, natural way to increase your strength, stamina and vitality as it increases insulin release which helps increase muscles. Fenugreek also has powerful antioxidant properties to ensure those harmful free radicals are kept at bay so your body can work efficiently.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: an amino acid regulator which helps to produce hormones, including luteinizing hormone. This stimulates the production of testosterone and in turn, helps in the production of lean muscle and an overall increase in strength and stamina – and your libido will definitely get a kick from it. Research suggests that D-aspartic could enhance testosterone production by over 45% in a matter of weeks.
  • Boron: a trace mineral found in the earth’s soil and certain fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that even a small amount of boron is enough to significantly increase testosterone levels. One study found that men who took 10mg of boron per week showed a 28% increase in free testosterone and a decrease in estrogen levels. In another study, male bodybuilders taking a daily boron supplement for seven weeks showed a significant increase in testosterone levels compared to those taking a placebo.
  • Ginseng Red Powder: a part of Chinese medicine for centuries, has been proven to have a direct effect on testosterone in men. By stimulating the central nervous system directly, Ginseng and its component ginsenosides increase the body’s ability to convert arginine into nitric oxide. And an increase in nitric oxide is vital to healthy blood flow, the maintenance and construction of new muscle mass, and physical strength in general.

Testo-Max offers more than just support for the symptoms of low testosterone. There are other signs of aging that can occur over time.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract: in addition to fighting erectile dysfunction, has been shown to support healthy hormone levels in men, improving vitality and overall libido.

The formula also packs in Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin K1, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6 and black pepper extract.

2. Did You Know This About Testosterone?

Testosterone levels affect more than libido, erectile function and muscle growth. There are some issues an increase in testosterone can fight that you may never have considered, like:

  • Improve cognitive function in aging men
  • Support bone growth
  • Fight the onset of metabolic syndrome
  • Improve mood
  • Increase absorption of calcium

It isn’t just about how you perform in the bedroom or gym, it’s about achieving a better quality of life. Boosting testosterone levels can fight the signs of aging in ways you may never have thought possible.

3. And The Final Verdict on Testo-Max

In addition to solid science, another reason why Testo-Max wins this year’s Editor’s Choice is the makers of the product have been in business for 7 years and have sold to over 200,000 customers.

As it turns out, unlike many other testosterone supplements, we found the main ingredient in Testo-Max can help healthy, aging men:

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Improve sexual function
  • Reduce age-related symptoms associated with androgen decrease
  • Heighten performance and boost muscle mass



About the Author:
Robert Williams, Director of Content at Testobolic, has researched over 50 testosterone boosters. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

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