ProExtender Penis Enlargement System

What Makes ProExtender System Effective?
Most people think that ProExtender is just a device for extending your penis. While this is certainly the most important part of it, ProExtender does not rely solely on this device, although it is certainly the most important component. Apart from the device, this system contains three more things. First, there are two different pills, Vigrx and Semenax, and a CD with penis extending exercises. So, let’s take a look at each of these components and what do they contain.

1. Penis Enlargement Device

Without a doubt, the most important part of the entire ProExtender System. In fact, you might be even able to find it somewhere for sale, without the other parts of this system, although I wouldn’t recommend buying it if that was the case. While it may work solo, it shows much better results when it is combined with the other three. The device itself has three parts and uses an old, yet proven system of traction on the penis in order to extend it and to give it a greater girt. Basically, while you are wearing this device, and you need to do that for about 10 hours every day, it constantly applies a gentle force on the skin of your penis and makes your body naturally adapt by gradually expanding the tissue of the penis.

2. VigRX

VigRX pills are pretty well known themselves for being one of the best natural sex enhancers currently available on the market. These pills can help you achieve much a much better erection as they improve the blood flow to the penis when consumed. When you order ProExtender system, you will also get a 30-day supply of these pills to be used when necessary. The pill, of course, is made from entirely natural ingredients and is quite safe for use, although you might want to be careful if you have a high blood pressure.

3. Semenax

As many people have a problem when it comes to the amount of semen that they can ejaculate during an intercourse, they will certainly find that a 30-day supply of these semen enhancing pills that comes with the ProExtender System is quite handy. The Semenax pills contain only 100% safe ingredients and this makes them a number 1 product on the market for semen enhancers.

4. For Man Only Penis Extending Exercises

The fourth component of this system is actually a CD with detailed exercises that can further help you in getting a bigger penis. Every exercise is explained as the CD itself comes with pictures and videos on how you need to do every recommended exercise.

So, those were the four components that come in the ProExtender Penis Enlargement System. As you can see, the developer covered practically all of the problems that a man can have when it comes to his sexual performance, from the size of his penis, the amount of semen, to the erection problems and this certainly makes it a very good choice.

Is ProExtender System Really Helpful?

When a product promises something as bold as to be able to help you to increase the size of your penis, there are always quite a few people who will respond quite negatively to it. This is certainly the case when it comes to the penis enlargement system called ProExtender. I don’t know much products that have created such a divided opinion. On one side, you have the reviews that sing praises to the ProExtender system and people claiming that they have gained 3, 4 or more inches in a month or something like that. On the other side is the, well I’ll call it “lynch mob”, which mostly consists of disgruntled users and people who have never tried ProExtender before.

So where is the truth here? I think that the truth about the ProExtender system is somewhere in between these two opposites. No, this device will not enable you to gain 3 inches in a month, or anything like that, but it will enable you to gain a little in size, nevertheless. If your expectations of it are unrealistic, then you will, of course, be disappointed by it, especially at the beginning, as you probably won’t see any significant improvement in the first and maybe not even in the second week that you are using it. However, after 3 or 4 weeks of continuously wearing this device for around 10 hours per day, you will notice that you will gain about an inch every week, which, of course, depends on the person, so you’ll have to excuse me for not providing you with the exact number of how much your penis will gain in size.

Another problem that many of the critics claim that can happen is that you might end up injuring your penis as the device pulls on the skin of your penis. Now, this is absolutely not true. While penis extender really does pulls your penis continuous, this is just a small force, which you probably won’t even feel. This is called “traction”. In short, the device uses a gentle, yet firm force on your penis and the rest is on the body’s natural ability to slowly adapt to these changes. Also, a lot of people use ProExtender, not to gain in length or girth, but to correct the shape of their penis, in case it is bended.

The entire system consists of three parts, actually. These are the ProExtender penis extending device, itself; a 30-day supply of VigRX pills for improving your erection, another 30-day supply of Semenax pills for improving your semen ejaculation and a “For Men Only” CD with exercises for a bigger penis. Trust me, if you are really serious and want to gain in penis size, then you need to use all four of these components. While you will certainly have some success with just the device, a much better result can be had with the entire package.