ProSolution Pills: Extra Blood In Your Penis

ProSolution Pills reviewProSolution pills work by:

1. Intensifying nitric oxide synthesis.

Due to the ability to elevate nitric oxide levels, this product makes your penis get more blood.

The higher amount of blood flows to the penis, the bigger and harder erections you attain.

2. Increasing sex drive.

High libido is one of the parts and parcels of happy sex life.

These pills contain many ingredients with aphrodisiac properties. That’s why they can cope with the problem of low sexual desire and lack of stamina.

3. Influencing pleasure centers in the brain.

This ensures emotional satisfaction from sex.

As a result, this will lead to the enhancement of sexual performance and the improvement of overall sexual health.


Study Findings

ProSolution Pills are a thoroughly researched product, the efficacy of which is absolutely proven for more than 10 years since its launch.

Vedic Lifesciences conducted a study that found out the ability of a single 1,300 ProSolution Pill to ensure a substantial suppression of Rho-Kinase II.

The matter is that the Rho-Kinase protein negatively affects the activity of Myosin Phosphatase which is responsible for the relaxation of penile smooth muscles.

In this case, the strong and firm erection is not possible.

But under the influence of ProSolution Pills, the Rho-Kinase levels decrease.

So, for Myosin Phosphatase, there are no obstacles to the fulfillment of its functions.

As a result, the relaxation of penile smooth muscles occurs and the penile blood supply considerably intensifies.

And you will get bigger and harder erections.

The scientists gave evidence that the pills efficacy depends on the dosage and the intake duration.

The longer supplementation with the adherence to a specified dosage of 2 pills daily, the better results you are going to experience.

That is, you will restore your ability to have bigger and stronger erections.


Key Ingredients

The formula is endorsed by the healthcare experts and supported by positive findings of clinical trials.

The list of the ingredients includes:


It’s a trademarked ingredient that can make a man sexually motivated.

This compound targets the pleasure-ensuring centers in the men’s brain and hence improves male sexual function.

Korean Ginseng

This herb is known for its great potential to enhance erection quality, increase libido, restore sexual satisfaction, and even elevate energy levels.

It’s a proven erectile dysfunction remedy.

Butea Superba

This active substance has aphrodisiac properties.

It increases sexual vigor, enhances sexual desire, and brings the overall sexual function to a much higher level.


This component stimulates testosterone production, lowers body fat percentage, maintains healthy indigestion, and even can serve as a natural contraceptive.

Apigenin and Amla

Apigenin is a valuable bioflavonoid, while Amla contains high amount of vitamin C.

Together, they help support the health of sexual organs and strengthen blood vessels.


This herbal ingredient participates in the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate.

That’s why it’s beneficial for the overall sexual health.


This specific kind of fungus takes an active part in testosterone synthesis.

Also, it has a very strong positive impact on sex drive in men.


5. The Bottom Line

ProSolution Pills belong to the best-working non-prescription penis enlargement products on the market.

These pills are included to the ranking of the most advanced penis enlargement pills because they are backed with recognition of medical experts and with feedback of a large number of men who have already tried this product.

These benefits are backed with the 67-day refund period offered for the unsatisfied customers.



Bill Davidson, Nutritionist, bloger, writer. He has tried diffrent male enhancement supplements. His thinks that ProSolution pills are good choice for anyone who wants to get better erections and libido.