Though relationship therapists and marriage advisors claim that not penis size but sexual skills are really important for mutual bedroom satisfaction, the men are still concerned with penis enlargement. The majority of men are convinced that the bigger penis they have the better.

Men exert every effort to maintain own sexual reputation. Their masculine pride is very sensitive and vulnerable. And even the very thought that women could laugh at their penis size wounds men’s vanity and cuts to the heart. The men’s magazines, even the most authoritative ones, just pour oil on flames. These magazines drill into the men’s mind that a small manhood is something that will totally ruin their sex life. As a result, the men start desperately searching for doubtful and illegal ways to enlarge penis.

What the Studies Tell

Kenyan cosmetic surgeons, who perform the penis enlargement surgeries, tell that their patients lack self-confidence. They are convinced that a big member is what they only need to sexually satisfy a woman. However, if these men don’t try to solve psychological problems and restore self-esteem, even a big penis will not help them become a winner in the bedroom. The man should hold on to a belief in his own sexual skills regardless of penis size.

Though sexual satisfaction related studies have not been conducted in Kenya yet, the studies carried out in the other countries give clear evidence that the women don’t consider the penis measurements the most crucial condition for a good sex.

Thus, one study conducted in Great Britain in 2016 found out that only 11.2% of female participants want their men necessarily have a big penis to please them. 67.4 % of women think that the penis size matters only to some extent. And the rest of women don’t care about the penis size.

The majority of women state that the average penis size is quite enough to give them pleasure. The women tell that love, respect, devotion, and advanced sexual techniques are what no woman can resist. And the penis size doesn’t play a great role here. After all, even a small penis serves its main purpose – procreation.
Very often, there is no need to resort to drastic measures to get the desired penis size.

Why the Hell Would You Need A Penis Pump?

Sold as erection enhancers, penis lengthening tools, or just another way to masturbate, penis pumps are a fun men’s sex toy. Even if you remember the penis pump jokes in the Austin Powers movies, these toys actually have a medical and theraputic background.

The penis pump is a rigid tube closed on one end with a soft latex “doughnut” at the base. Simply insert your lubricated penis (limp or erect) into the doughnut, and let the pump build up suction pressure around your penis. Blood will be pulled into the penis by the air vacuum, and you’ll quickly get an erection.

Prior to Viagra, the penis pump was prescribed by doctors as a way to help men get and keep erections. Any urologist will tell you that most erectile dysfunctions are psychological in origin. The penis pump was developed to flood the erectile tissue with a little blood through a vacuum effect, and once the erection started, a man figured he was cured, and let his mind do the rest.

Some penis pumps are sold as a way to lengthen the penis. Please check with a doctor before you buy a pump to do this. Clinical trials show that you might get a little length added if you use a pump for half an hour a day for months. Ouch!

Get him up after he’s gone down!

The most popular use for a penis pump is for masturbation or for couples to use to get a man hard after his orgasm leaves him limp. A pump can stimulate the penis with different levels of vacuum-suction, but it’s not like fellatio. Some pumps come with vibration devices that stimulate the testicles. The penis pump keeps a man hard for longer than a regular mastubation session, and can lead to a very powerful orgasm.

Here are some of the more popular, best-selling and easy to use penis pumps.

Samurai Vibrating Penis Pump with Tongue Stimulator

Give your cock the strength of a warrior! Soft flexible latex “doughnut” on the bottom wraps around your shaft–or use it to help you pump up your erection! The powerful vacuum bulb creates a suction around your cock that will turn your rod to steel. Soft racing grip handle and powerful vibrating motor flicks the unique tongue on the top of your shaft, so you get the feel of suction with the stimulation of a tongue on your cockhead. To read more…

What’s it like to use the Samurai pump?

I’ve never been a big fan of penis pumps. I always thought they were a poor substitute for a real blowjob, but the Samurai pump completely changed my mind. I’ve use it alone, and with a partner, it’s a fun sex toy that adds to my sex life.

It looks like the pump’s not quite big enough, and I’m only an average six inches. But I fit in there just fine, with the soft rubber “tongue” nestled against my cockhead. The cool thing about this pump is the flicking, vibrating tongue. The trouble with regular penis pumps is that there’s no direct cock-stimulation. The suction provided by a pump is a nice feeling (to a point) but when I get really turned on, I want to feel the complete blowjob sensation of a tongue across my cock’s happy spot. With the Samurai, I get that.

The tongue doesn’t “lick” you until you turn on the vibrating motor. The suction feeling works wonders, and I even tried it with half-wood and limp-wood. The results were amazing: the blood was “sucked” into my cock and up it went, proudly. The air bleeds out instantly, and there’s a quick release button if the suction gets too strong.

But the fun part came with the vibrating tongue. I used this pump while watching my favorite porn flick and when the blowjob scene came along, so did I.. just turn on the vibrating tongue, and the fast flicks across my cock cum-spot did the trick.

It was easier to talk my girlfriend into using the toy than I thought it would be. She has a good sense of humor and the pump put a lot of laughter into our love-making. She used it to get me hard after my first orgasm and to keep me hard while she sucked my nipples and played with my balls. You get an outrageous hard-on with this thing! She wouldn’t let me come though, not until I ate her out and made her come first (during a fun 69-session)! Then she turned on the vibrating tongue and watched the pump make me blow off inside the tube. And the tube made cleaning up after a snap.
If you’ve never used a pump before, they’re a lot of fun, and for men who have trouble making/keeping wood, they’re fantastic. Just be careful and don’t pump too hard!

Power Piston Penis Pump

The total power tool! Unique combination pump and vibrating stimulator, the Power Piston will get your hard, keep you hard, and get your rocks off like a sucking lover. The sleeve acts like a tight vagina, the bulb-operated pump creates a sexy suction, and you can just enjoy the sucking and vibrations, or use the sleeve as a masturbator, sliding it up and down as you add and release suction. Unbeatable pleasure! More…

What’s it like to use the Power Piston penis pump?

For a bulb-operated penis pump, this unit is inexpensive as well as sturdy. It’s different from most penis pumps in that it’s built primarily as a masturbation tool, not as an erection-getter. The design of the opening means you should have most of your erection going before you lube up and slip it on. The vagina shaped opening and ribbed pressure-seal “doughnut” are meant to imitate a pussy. So if you need a pump to get an erection, there are other units out there better suited for that.

But that doesn’t take away from the Power Piston’s use as a wonderful masturbator for solo sex! While I love pussy as much as the next guy, I also love to jack off, too. This neat little pump gave me a chance to try something different for self-spanking. I popped in my favorite dirty video, got some wood going then lubed myself up, and slid it in.
Because it’s a pump, it requires air around your cock to form a seal, so it’s not like a fake pussy that hugs your cock. There’s nothing around your dick but air, in the form of a suction better than any blowjob! The bulb sucks out the air and makes your dick feel huge and ready to explode. You’ll definitely want to keep a hand on the pressure release.
For my first time, I turned on the vibrating unit, which made my balls tingle as I changed the speed. It took a while to orgasm just feeling the pump suction and ball vibations, but it was an incredibly powerful orgasm, much better than any time I’d ever masturbated. For the second time using it (after about a week of rest!) I used it more as a jacking device: I’d pump it up, feel the suction, release the air a little, then jack the device on my dick. There wasn’t any direction contact with my cock-head, just the base of my cock, but that just made the effect last longer and turn me on even more. I came a little faster, but it didn’t hurt as much as the first time I’d used it.

Bottom line: this is a fun pump for self-stimulation and as a suction-jacking off tool. The price is right to give it a try..just don’t do this every night. The story about penis pumps lengthening your cock is just a myth.

Vibrating Techno Pump

Ultra powerful sucking action, sleek design, with vibrating testicle stimulator! Give your cock the erection and pleasure it deserves, with the suction of the Techno pump! Great for getting an erection and even more fun when you get a hardon.Comes with latext jelly “sleeve”, wireless vibrating power pack and lube.

What’s it like to use the Vibrating Techno Pump?

If you’ve never tried a penis pump, this is a great beginner’s pump because it’s easy to use and not as likely to hurt as the bulb-operated units. I had never tried a penis pump before I used the Techno Pump, and it was amazingly simple.
I decided to give it the complete test..I quickly lubed up the latex “doughnut” at the base, the seal that fits around your cock to hold in the tube. Then I slipped in my limp cock. I wasn’t even thinking about sex. A few pumps up and down, and I was amazed at how fast it “sucked” blood into my cock. In a few minutes, I was rock-hard and ready for sex or minature batting practice!

When I spank myself, I like to read porn, not watch it. With the Techno Pump, this was the perfect device to stimulate myself while holding my reading material. The Techno gave a new meaning to “stroking”, ’cause the pump goes up and down like an oil pumper. To hold the air in, just put your finger over the hole. For masturbating, you’ll want to continually pump it up and let out the air. Once I turned on the vibrating motor, it tingled my balls nicely. It kept me hard and extended my stroking time by not making me come so fast. When I did orgasm, it was much more powerful than the usual one I get with only my hand.
My wife was more than happy to experiment with me. One morning she slipped it over my limp cock, got me hard in about five strokes, then pulled it off and rode me like a mad dog. After my orgasm, I took my time to make her come, then she slipped it on my limp dick again, pumped me up, and away we went. It was great to get multiples of my own for a day.

The fun factor alone is enough to justify any pump. They’re great for masturbating, or getting hard for a partner, and even more fun when she’s doing the pumping. This is one sex toy that won’t make her feel uncomfortable (like a love doll or fake vagina). After all, the erection this gives you is meant for her.

Cyclone Force Pump

This unique penis pump is a fantastic erection-getter-and an amazing sex toy, for self-stimulation or for use with a partner! Uses incredibly life-like Cyberskin material as both a suction doughnut and sleeve, along with tight pump action and vibrating stimulation. Comes with vibrating bullet, lube, and Cyberskin Renew

What’s it like to use the Cyclone Force Penis Pump?

I was very skeptical of this device when I first purchased it, I had tried another penis pump and came out sore and dissatisfied. Although once I tried the cyclone force on I quickly changed my mind. The pump has this fleshy realistic “sleeve” thing that feels like a soft sucking mouth. I gave a few pumps on the bulb and the air suction pulled my penis right up into a raging, ready to go woodie.The pump fastened the sleeve around my cock pulling it in inside like a tight wet mouth, begging me for release.
I switched on the vibrating motor and the throbbing sensations were like an amazing combination suction fuck and blowjob. I’ve never come that hard without someone else in the room! I am positively sure I got my money’s worth, and have reccomended it to some friends in need. I take it with me everytime I’m on the road.

Water Pumps are Superior to Air Pumps

No doubt about it, water-assisted penis pumps are considered the Cadillacs of all pumps.

Why have they grown so much in popularity lately? Is it because they are the new kids on the block or could it be that they really are superior?

Let’s break down the facts and find out for ourselves.

Conventional Air Pumps

First, let’s take a look at conventional air pumps.big-mans-pump

No matter which device you use, it utilizes the same basic principle to work. Vacuum is used to pump air out, thereby forcing blood into the Corpora Cavernosa of the Penis via an automatic or manual pumping method.

As air is forced out of the cylinder your penis is placed in, a vacuum is created, causing your penis to expand.


Conventional air pumps have been used successfully for many years now and were once the only method men with erectile dysfunction could use to get & maintain an erection for any length of time. They are relatively inexpensive to use and produce good results for men with erection problems.


The problem with using these devices is that they come with troubling side effects for some men, although not all men experience them. Some of the bad effects are:

Numb or desensitized Penis
Cold sensations
Pain from overuse
Broken blood vessels
Painful ejaculation
Minimal help with penis enlargement
The main reason air pumps cause damage is because the pressure inside the cylinder is never completely balanced. Because of this, your penis is not enlarged proportionately. The unbalanced pressure can cause injury to your manhood if it isn’t kept in check.


The advantages of water pumps far outweigh traditional air pumps. They are:

Fast results
100% Safe
Genuine method of penis enlargement
Proven remedy for men with erectile dysfunction
Guaranteed results when using high-quality device

The only disadvantage of water pumps is that they cost more than conventional air pumps.


Water-assisted pumps have now entered the marketplace and are selling like hotcakes! Because they utilize water instead of air to create the vacuum needed to expand your penis, they have proven much safer to use than conventional devices.

Because they are 100% safe to use and produce outstanding results, the price difference between them and conventional pumps should be considered nominal. They are more than worth the price difference.

If you find yourself interested in purchasing best male enhahncement pills, be sure to check out some of the higher quality pumps sold by Bathmate and Hydromax. Both offer superior products that are guaranteed to work.